Light-hearted, interactive Business Networking in NZ

Networking groups in Christchurch, NZ

Light-hearted, interactive Business Networking in NZ

The Networkers brings together groups for business networking in NZ, creating opportunities by helping people build new connections and strong relationships with inspiring, friendly people. 

We focus on supporting people in business to allow them to grow to their true potential, and to create sustainable outcomes for their business and the wider community.


Our core values are an integral element in our organisation and at the centre of all our business events in NZ:

We do what we say; We create opportunities for everyone; We give you a voice; We're fun to be with.


Add balance to your week by becoming involved in an interactive, light-hearted one hour small business networking group 
- where business is a commonality and we understand its ongoing challenges.

Our weekly local networking events are informative, relaxed yet structured. They give you the space to flourish, learn, connect and share easily with like-minded people.

You'll build genuine relationships and solid opportunities within a supportive community that assist each other professionally and personally.


Each meeting allows for: professional networking as a whole community; breaking up into small groups; developing your speaker skills and open collaborative conversation around the table.


Your business network membership is supported by this Website, Member profiles, a variety of Networking events and our Online communities. 


Are you passionate about business, have a desire to meet like-minded people and would like to build positive connections?

You may attend as a visitor for 2 free meetings.

This allows you to experience our business community and check if we are the right fit for you and your business.


Complete the visit us form and we'll call you to see what will work for you, as we always welcome visitors.