What to Bring to a Networking Meeting

5 things to bring to a networking meeting

What to Bring to a Networking Meeting

31 Aug 2020

People often ask what they should bring to their first business networking meeting or event. Out of all the things you could potentially bring, we believe these 5 are the most crucial:

Business Cards

Arguably the most important thing. Networking meetings are opportunities to give and gather information. You might not manage to get to talk to everyone during the first meeting, so giving them your card gives them the information they need to contact you after the meeting. Without your contact details, how are the people that you met going to get in touch with you when they need you?

An Elevator Pitch

It is important to have a brief explanation of what you do. Often networking groups will ask you to introduce yourself with a short elevator pitch. Having one of these planned out is a good idea in general; people don’t always have time to hear a long, drawn-out explanation of your job. It should be about 60 seconds, long enough to introduce yourself to someone in an elevator. Hence the name.

An Open Mind...

Being open-minded to other people’s work, lives, and experiences is part of what makes a great networker. Asking questions and learning more about the people around you helps to build relationships. Having a sense of who people are also helps create synergies with them, as it can help you connect them with people they will work well with. There will also be a lot of educational presentations and conversations that you can pass onto others.

...And Open Ears

There will be a lot of talking and information being shared! An important part of building good, trusting relationships is being able to listen. Our networking groups are about being a part of a supportive community and building trust-based synergies. Part of building synergies is finding out how you can work together, and you have to listen to figure that out. At the same time, our groups are a safe space for people to share both the good and bad that is happening in their businesses. Part of being part of a community means listening to others when they need it.

A Positive Attitude

Having an optimistic and collaborative attitude is part of what makes a great networker. We believe that a fun, lighthearted environment allows people to open up, relax, and share. Having a desire to help others and build synergies is all part of what makes networking fun!

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