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  • 7pm - 9pm

    Single Women's Workshop Series

    Embracing the Woman you are to create a relationship you want in life.

    This is a series of 5 workshops.
    Facilitating these workshops is Joanne Winiata from 'Soulsupport - Guiding the Essence of You.' With her tools of Pascha Therapy practice, nursing background, and life experience she offers a gentle approach to embracing the woman you are to create a relationship you would like in life.

     Knowing your foundations as the Woman you are, to support you in daily life.
     Learning to let go of the past, embracing the present by choosing practices in your life that support your well-being.
     Learning to be clear about what you want and what you don’t want in a relationship with clear boundaries.
     Exploring what it means to open to relationship possibilities.
     Knowing what tools you can draw from inside of you to help create the relationship/life you want to live.
     Learning how to navigate the journey forward through Self Awareness.
     Enjoying the company of other women who share similar experiences.

    SPRING CLEAN your single life and get in touch with what this means for You!
    Keeping what supports you, letting go of what doesn't and opening to new possibilities.

    YOUR INVESTMENT: $250 (for all 5 workshops)
    Thursday: 27th Sept; 11th October; 25th October; 8th November; 22nd November.

    LIMITED SPACES available
    LOCATION: The Pascha –Nourishing Body & Soul Centre, 6 Elgin Street, Sydneham, Christchurch

    TO REGISTER PHONE: 027-637-7208 (Inquiries welcomed) Joanne Winiata
    Soulsupport - Counselling for the Essence of you
    RNBN, Reg. Comp Nurse; Pascha Therapist
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    Registrations close: 20th September 2018

  • Mindful declutter evening
    7.00pm till 9.00pm

    Mindful declutter evening

  • FREE
    5.30pm to 8.30pm

    Women in Business - Networking

    Chateau on the Park - 189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton

    Networking is an important way to increase exposure to your business and by connecting with others mutually beneficial relationships can be created and nurtured to increase referrals and sales for your business.


    Women in business who want to grow their business and profile through networking. This is a women-only workshop where we discuss and work on challenges and opportunities that tend to be unique to women. 


    In this workshop we will cover:

    • Why networking will help you grow your business.
    • Understanding who your networks are.
    • Having an opening line and know how to continue the conversation.
    • Essential tools for networking.
    • When, and when not to, network.
    • What happens if you are shy, scared, don't know where to start and what to say.
    • The chance to meet other women business owners and prove networking is fun.


    Networking successfully will help you grow your business through generating more sales and will also increase the chances of both giving and receiving referrals. This is a workshop that will help you through this process, create a few laughs and make you braver to take on the world!

    To Book:

  • ACC
    9am to 12noon

    ACC Business Customer Seminar

    Addington Raceway Events Centre, 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington, Christchurch 8149

    You’re invited to our business seminars


    These seminars are an opportunity for businesses like yours to:

    • • hear the latest updates from ACC and WorkSafe
    • • see the new ACC initiatives and share your feedback
    • • listen to guest speakers on topical issues of today
    • • network with other businesses.


    Places are limited, so register now by clicking on this link: