Group Facilitators

The Networkers Facilitators

Group Facilitators are the backbone of the operational section of  "The Networkers" as an organisation. 

Facilitators set the tone of their groups. They bring into play their experiences, flair, persona and skill set. They adapt the facilitation of each meeting depending on the groups needs within our meeting structure.

During meetings they help connect members, welcome visitors, time manage both the speaker presentation and the table conversations so that the meeting runs to time. Arriving earlier they set up the digital & signage equipment needed for each meeting. In-between meetings they tweak the presentation, organise speakers, look out for potential visitors and build relationships with both current visitors and Members within their group.

When you first visit a group, that group's facilitator will meet you and settle you into the group, introduce you to everyone, especially those who they feel may be a good synergy for your business. They will also have the information you need to join, should you enjoy your 2 free visitor meetings and find it a good fit for you and your business.

Do you like to organise and connect people who are in businesses?

Do you enjoy inspiring and empowering people?

Would you like to bring a positive business group into your local community?

Then this may be a role that you would enjoy.

Fill out the contact form to learn more about group facilitation in your area.

Become a Facilitator

  • Anthea Livingstone
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    Anthea enjoys helping people and businesses reach their potential.
    Started in Finance at 19 when joined Trusteebank Canterbury. Since then had sales background at Elmon Linen, Telecom NZ Ltd and Mary Kay Cosmetics.
    She has a love of helping people make a plan towards their first home, their next home and/or an investment property.

  • Arzoo Syeddah
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    Dr Arzoo Syeddah facilitates the Wellington 7.30am group, and brings her bubbly and vivacious energy to get the members up and running for the day ahead. 

    Arzoo believes the core of networking is relationships and aims to provide a safe space for everyone to connect and grow. She believes everyone has their unique superpower and loves helping others to discover theirs and embracing it'. 

    Arzoo holds a professional Doctorate in Business Administration from Plymouth University in the UK. Her focus is on sustainable business practices and entrepreneurship styles within SMEs and the Start-up sector. As a storyteller and facilitator, she sheds light on the narrative of small businesses in their local ecosystems from a business ethics and leadership perspective. 

  • Barry Neville
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    Barry is a business mentor who has learnt from 30 years in business that your biggest challenge is your mindset. 

    Mentoring people in business is a passion he developed during his own journey of navigating every curve ball business is capable of throwing at you. Business owners are already courageous and driven, or you wouldn’t be in business. But when choosing a mentor, do you play it safe, or do you want to make a bolder choice?

    Barry brings real-life experience and proven strategies to the table when facilitating Wigram Skies Networkers.

  • Cara Wylde
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    Cara has a fun, light-hearted facilitation style. With a background in creative industries, including web development, marketing, and audio engineering, she has a wide range of knowledge, but is always keen to be learning more. She enjoys facilitating her networking groups because she likes to observe connections being formed and learning from other people.

    She's often the youngest in the room, and loves to encourage the talented and successful group members to share their skill-sets, celebrate their successes and have fun every week.

  • Dani Ferrier
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    Dani has been travelling the world for 10 years and has brought back with her a wealth of international knowledge and experience. She runs dynamic workshops to give people life skills and works one on one as a coach to help people realise their potential.

    She is a leader in the personal development space and a woman on a mission to inspire people to be their best selves.

    When she isn’t behind a computer she is on her mountain bike or hiking in the mountains somewhere. Dani is fun and engaging and loves being a facilitator and making people feel right at home! 


  • Dayle Hunt
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    Dayle is the facilitator of the Ferrymead Group which is held at The Good Home Ferrymead   


    Dayle's work life is all about lifting people and making them feel better, which is something he is passionate about and brings to his facilitation of the group. 


    He has vast experience with working with large groups which stands him in good stead in The Networkers environment.

  • Emma Blackburn
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    With 20 years in aviation and allied industries, and previous roles including being a speaker for the Royal Navy; as a risk, safety and quality specialist, Emma's focus is on positive, engaged and respectful working environments.  She is enthusiastic about supporting businesses and creating collaborative meetings to help individuals and their businesses thrive.  An experienced facilitator, she leads open, supportive, balanced, coordinated and polite discussions and typifies the Networkers' intent of creating a space to share and  enable businesses to grow.  

  • Emma Cooper
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    I'm excited to welcome you to a friendly and supportive business community in the heart of Halswell.

    Previously joining at the beginning of my business journey, I understand the value of having great people around you, and I plan to bring to the group a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of belonging.

    I believe everyone in the group has something to offer, whether experience, new ideas, advice or a reassuring smile over a Monday morning coffee.

  • Jim Sandford
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    Founder/Owner of Sandford Associates ( and Free KiwiSaver Tutorials (

    I have 30+ years experience in private and public tertiary education and education management. In 2017 I retrained as a financial adviser and now specialise in providing KiwiSaver advice with an educational focus, drawing on my knowledge of adult education principles to help people understand how KiwiSaver works and to take control of the decisions that can impact their KiwiSaver.

    An avid (but poor) golfer I have a passion for work-life balance among SME owners.

  • Josie Askin
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    Josie leads the Wellington, Thursday 9:30am Networkers Group.

    She is the owner of Spring Coaching (, a performance and productivity coach, facilitator, pilates teacher, long-distance runner and yogi.

    Josie brings bundles of positive energy and joy with a gentle supportive approach that brings people together. Josie loves empowering others to be the best they can be and is adept at identifying strengths in others. 

    Prior to having a career change that led her to set up Spring Coaching, her professional coaching practice, Josie had a varied corporate career in a range of senior advisory roles. She brings an understanding of what a busy corporate life is like and the challenges of finding work-life balance.

    She believes success comes from a progress over perfection mindset and breaking every goal down into small sustainable steps.  


  • Leah Norman
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    Leah is the facilitator for the Northcote Group, she is an energetic and vibrant facilitator who is passionate about assisting organisations achieve goals of becoming healthier, safer and fairer workplaces. 


    She has extensive experience in presenting, facilitating and developing workshops in awareness and workplace compliance by using easy to understand information combined with humour and interactive, experiential exercises.


    Outside of The Networkers Leah is a Workplace Relations specialist with 10 years’ experience and prides herself on her ability to create synergies and consistently deliver results for clients. 


  • Lu Khani
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  • Marc Jacquemin
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    Marc is a creative, mindful and engaging trainer with extensive experience in soft skills, sales and behavioural training.
    During his 9 years working with Apple he developed a wide range of training and facilitation skills in order to deliver impactful training to a broad range of audiences, from half day workshops to full week courses. He built a reputation for delivering engaging and memorable training to global audiences around EMEIA.
    His eclectic background and professional journey also include a broad experience in tech, audio engineering, audio visual skills, sales and project management. Skills that I have used to develop engaging paper-free, eco friendly and tech oriented training sessions.
    He has a multicultural background and is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

  • Maria Gold
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    Maria comes from a background of Nursing, Midwifery and Body Therapies. She has a passion for empowering people to be the best possible version of themselves in every aspect of their lives.

    She has created and built two businesses around core values of caring for, empowerment and supporting people in their health, wellness and business journey.

    She believes that everyone needs a community to identify with; that collaboration, business synergies and working “for the good of all” always benefit businesses; their owners and local community. 

    She is the creative force behind The Networkers and services as it's current Director.

  • Mark Scown
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    Mark facilitates the Rangiora Networkers group.

    Mark comes from a long history of empowering and managing people in the education sector.

    His honest, humorous yet professional approach allows him to naturally build solid relationships and encourage people to give their best. 

  • Mike Dunlop
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    Mike Dunlop facilitates "Avonhead Networkers" with his relaxed and friendly facilitation style.

    He brings his experience in both the business and sports arena into play, as well as his passion for helping others develop their business. He has a genuine caring attitude for all people to support business members within the Avonhead community. What we’re doing is serious, but Mike believes humour, fun and a light-hearted outlook are crucial.

  • Murray Carter
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    Murray currently facilitates two groups; Sydenham and Papanui. He has been with The Networkers since its inception.

    He has had formal training in governance and not-for-profit board experience plus has spent many years in recruitment.

    Outside of The Networkers he is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in working with sales and business people.

    Murray has a natural ability to create space allowing people to relax, talk and come to their own conclusions both in their personal and business lives. 

  • Paula McFarlane
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    Shirley group Facilitator Paula McFarlane is an Intuitive Coach. Paula expertly combines her 20 + years of experience in Education and training, Sales and sales management plus small business experience with a heart centred approach to supporting others to identify and resolve what’s holds them back from the life they dream of creating.


    Paula's experience in facilitating large groups and her empathy and genuine interest in people shines through in her role as facilitator of the Shirley group.


  • Prue McCaughan
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    Prue is the facilitator of the Rolleston Networkers group.

    She lives locally in Selwyn and is passionate about the area with children at local schools. This year she has stepped away from the Health and Fitness industry and into the office manager position for the family construction business.

    She keeps members organised with great speakers, on time meetings and encourages Rolleston businesses to work together in close synergies.

  • Stu Jones
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    Stu Jones is the Facilitator of the West Christchurch Networkers group.

    He thrives on making common connections, sharing useful information and providing solutions. Born and bred in Selwyn with a family heritage as old as any in the area, Stu is proud of his family’s contribution to the community, business and farming in the district and is keen to continue in his family’s footsteps.

    With a genuine kind nature and hard-working professionalism Stu has created success in his business life, across a variety of senior sales and account management roles leading him to his passion of selling Real Estate, with the local Harcourts team.

    As people who choose to live and work in or around the west Christchurch towns, we have a strong sense of pride and a community focused spirit. By adding in some fun, positivity, professionalism and purpose, this group will be a success for all who choose to participate.

    If you're in business within the Selwyn, Canterbury area, then come and visit with us.