Group Facilitators

Group Facilitators for The Networkers groups in Christchurch

Group Facilitators are the backbone of the operational section of  "The Networkers" as an organisation. 

Facilitators set the tone of their groups. They bring into play their experiences, flair, persona and skill set. They adapt the facilitation of each meeting depending on the groups needs within our meeting structure.

During meetings they help connect members, welcome visitors, set the times for both speakers and each member to talk so that the meeting runs to time. Arriving earlier they set up the digital & signage equipment needed for each meeting. In-between meetings they tweak the presentation to suit their needs, organise speakers, look out for potential visitors and build relationships with both current visitors and Members within their group.

When you first visit a group, that group's facilitator will meet you and settle you into the group, introduce you to everyone, especially those who they feel may be a good synergy for your business. They will also have the information you need to join, should you enjoy your first month of visitor meetings and find it a good fit for you and your business.


Do you like to organise and connect people and their businesses?

Do you enjoy public speaking?

Then this may be a role that you would enjoy. Fill out the contact form to learn more about group facilitation in your area.

Become a Facilitator

  • Danny Kearns
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    Danny has over 20 years’ experience in various leadership and management roles, working in a wide variety of manufacturing and production environments.

    Danny has extensive practical business experience and knowledge that helps business owners reach their full business potential.

    His strongest attribute is the ability to step back and look at the overall picture and see any issues, and solutions, from a different perspective.

    Danny has previously studied Business Management, Industrial Psychology, and Industrial Relations, and has an on-going interest in all of these areas. He has a vast knowledge of teams and team building and sees this as an important area of any business.

    Danny brings these skill sets together to lead the Wigram & Lincoln Networkers group 

  • Dayle Hunt
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    Dayle is the facilitator of the Ferrymead Group which is held at The Good Home Ferrymead   


    Dayle's work life is all about lifting people and making them feel better, which is something he is passionate about and brings to his facilitation of the group. 


    He has vast experience with working with large groups which stands him in good stead in The Networkers environment.

  • Ellen van Ballegooij
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  • Leah Norman
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    Leah is the facilitator for the Merivale and Northcote Groups, she is an energetic and vibrant facilitator who is passionate about assisting organisations achieve goals of becoming healthier, safer and fairer workplaces. 


    She has extensive experience in presenting, facilitating and developing workshops in awareness and workplace compliance by using easy to understand information combined with humour and interactive, experiential exercises.


    Outside of The Networkers Leah is a Workplace Relations specialist with 10 years’ experience and prides herself on her ability to create synergies and consistently deliver results for clients. 


  • Lynda Walters-Smith
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    Lynda Walters-Smith has facilitated many business meetings and brings her administration, organisational and facilitation skills into play as she leads her groups.

    With more than 25 years of experience in both Chartered Accountant firms and working with small to medium sized businesses, she has the expertise to bring business people together and form connections that will be beneficial to both parties.

  • Maria Gold
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    Maria comes from a background of Nursing, Midwifery and Body Therapies. She has a passion for empowering people to be the best possible version of themselves in every aspect of their lives.

    She has created and built two businesses around core values of caring for, empowerment and supporting people in their health, wellness and business journey.

    She believes that everyone needs a community to identify with; that collaboration, business synergies and working “for the good of all” always benefit businesses; their owners and local community. 

  • Matt Richens
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    I’ve taken a roundabout way of reaching where I am in my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I trained to be a primary school teacher, then went back to Uni to study Arts and Communication (and English and History) before completing a diploma in journalism at Timaru’s Aoraki Polytechnic.

    That was followed by 10 years as a newspaper sports reporter starting in Ashburton then working in Hamilton before returning home to The Press in Christchurch and the Stuff website.

    While none of those have a direct link to becoming a financial adviser specialising in personal insurance, it has all helped me learn how to ask the right questions to find out what makes people tick. And to listen.

    Now, working in my family business Moneta Financial Group, I give people money when they need it most. I care about people who care about people and I help those people create a plan to ensure those closest to them are looked after and retain their dignity, choice and lifestyle should something go wrong.


    As the Facilitator at the Avonhead Networkers I bring a passion about helping others develop in their business. What we’re doing is serious, but I believe humour, fun and a light-hearted outlook are crucial.

    Networkers gives you a chance to promote who you are as a person, not just your professional persona which, to me, is crucial because we’re so much more than the products and services we’re selling.

    People want to do business with and refer business to good people. Giving people a platform to promote themselves and their business is important to me.

  • Murray Carter
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    Murray currently facilitates two groups; Sydenham and Papanui. He has been with The Networkers since its inception. He has had formal training in governance and not-for-profit board experience.

    Outside of The Networkers he is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in working with sales and business people.

    Murray has a natural ability to create space allowing people to relax, talk and come to their own conclusions both in their personal and business lives. 

  • Nathan Brown
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    Nathan Brown leads the Rolleston based, Selwyn focused group, Bringing his positive attitude and passion for fostering growth to the table.


    Join Nathan and the awesome group at "The Pedal Pusher" for a coffee and relaxed chat with some great business people.


    With his background in marketing strategy Nathan brings a focus on helping people grow their business and develop their people to the Rolleston community and its focus on building opportunities.


    Get your business out into the community with people who care and come to the table with your passion, experiences, questions and opportunities; we’re sure you’ll find someone to connect with in the Rolleston group.


    “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” – Richard Branson


  • Paula McFarlane
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    Shirley group Facilitator Paula McFarlane is an Intuitive Coach. Paula expertly combines her 20 + years of experience in Education and training, Sales and sales management plus small business experience with a heart centred approach to supporting others to identify and resolve what’s holds them back from the life they dream of creating.


    Paula's experience in facilitating large groups and her empathy and genuine interest in people shines through in her role as facilitator of the Shirley group.


  • Rachelle Hughes
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    Being a people person Rachelle brings high energy and fun to the "Rangiora Networkers" meetings.

    Her customer service history and helpful, knowledgeable nature plus a great "people & business" network make her the perfect person to lead this group. As the self professed "Networking Queen" she loves to network and connect people to great opportunities.

    Rachelle feels that "Rangiora Networkers" meetings are a fantastic way of meeting other local business owners.  You could be just starting out or in business for quite a while.  It really doesn’t matter.  You are welcome to bring your ideas, suggestions, support to the group or you may be the one that need ideas, suggestions and support.  We are there for you and have your back. 

    If you are wanting to be part of a fun networking group that has a different presenter each week to keep things spiced up, some structure but not over the top, and have a sense of belonging then come and visit us.