Tower Junction 7.30am Thursdays

Tower Junction 7:30am Thursdays

Leticia Crampton and Sally De Las Heras co-facilitate the Tower Junction group.

This dynamic duo bring a combination of high energy, strong personalities and a huge set of business and life skills together to lead "Tower Junction Networkers"

Started in October 2009 the Tower Junction group has stood the test of time, the challenge of the earthquakes and the rebuilding of the city and its businesses.

A friendly, supportive and light-hearted group with a common goal of growing successful businesses, it often has projects happening within the group. Networking and recommendations happen spontaneously due to the strong relationships and business bonds that have been established. There is always the opportunity for mentoring as members share their experiences and expertise with each other so that everyone can grow together.

It's often the meeting after the meeting where the real business happens. Over the years members have developed close friendships, strong synergies and collaborations within their businesses.

If you'd like to join us for a coffee contact us now for an invitation - we'd love to see you.

Meeting day & time
Thursday 7.30 - 8.30am

Spectators Bar & Bistro
65 Jack Hinton Drive
Chirstchurch 8024
New Zealand

Leticia Crampton

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Sally De Las Heras

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