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Expand specialises in assisting businesses and individuals to experience breakthrough results.

Expand utilises highly specialised applications in a number of key areas including ...

  • wealth creation
  • greater productivity and efficiencies
  • strategy
  • mindset
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership development

Expand will assist you and your company to transform your results and achieve your full potential.

Business - Mentor / Coach / Consultant
Sridhar Krishnamurti
Sridhar Krishnamurti
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Member Reviews

I know Sridhar through The Networkers' business network. Last evening I attended his 4 hour 'Financial Freedom - What it really is and how to attain it' workshop. I know people who attended his first staging of this program and they raved about it so when I heard that he was running another one, I jumped at the opportunity!

It was non-stop information for 4 hours with only a 5 minute break. The group of 10 allowed for both the sharing of experiences and also having questions answered. It was very much a 'how to' program with step by step instructions on how to implement the changes in your finances both personal and business.

Finally a word of caution. If you are seeking to earn a million dollars in a week with no work on your part then this program is definitely not for you! On the other hand, if you want new ways of optimising and growing your current income then I'd highly recommend that you make a time to have a coffee with Sridhar. Highly recommended!

I have been working with Expand Consulting for almost a year now and would highly recommend working alongside Sridhar to anyone who wants to see improvements in their life, whether it be business or personal.

I have gained a far greater understanding of myself and my business and look forward to applying many of the techniques I have learned.