Focus 360 - Murray Quartly

Focus360 provides businesses with online bespoke software applications.


We are specialists who can help your business by…

  • solving complex coding problems to repair, design and develop innovative websites
  • building and coding bespoke applications to perform specific applications online or offline
  • developing innovative solutions on how to search engine optimise and market websites
  • providing a digital photography service for use offline and online. These include special events e.g. weddings, panoramic and architectural images, plus custom built virtual tours
  • designing and producing videos for offline and online e.g websites
  • designing and implementing virtual and augmented reality applications to assist, promote and market businesses
  • restoring, copying and repairing degraded photos
  • recapturing old VHS tapes and 8 mm as efiles or DVD's 


These bespoke applications are designed to save your business time, improve efficiency and as a consequence save time and money. These applications are suitable for any business: small, medium or a large corporation.


We have worked with companies with health and safety issues through to software development with image transformations and also applications designed for virtual and augmented realities.


If you are concerned about or want advice on any issue then email or phone us and we can discuss how an online (or offline) application(s) can help you.

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Focus 360