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I am a qualified healing therapist with over 20 years experience from Nursing, Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Healing, Reconnective Healing and The Journey. Offering holistic care that is nurturing, understanding and empowering to the individual.

I aim to nurture you into a place of ease, where you can relax, let go and listen to your body and soul. As you open, you develop self-awareness, strength and enhance energy. As life forces are revitalised the natural wisdom of your Soul can shine through and transform you. You learn to trust and let go of stress and thereby you enjoy your life more.

I work from home in a beautiful healing room. Be welcomed into a safe and nurturing space. Let go to relaxing music and be bathed with the sweet aroma of essential oils. Quiet and peaceful. 

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Linda Dowsett
Linda Dowsett
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67 Cannon Hill Crescent
Mount Pleasant
Christchurch 8081
New Zealand

-43.5615857, 172.71205

Member Reviews

I went to Linda for a healing massage and I was quite sceptical at first, but I opened my mind and heart and was rewarded with a sense of peace and a deeper connection to myself.
The combination of the massage and Linda's ability to connect and heal was amazing. Thank you!