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Heart Mind Health, has been developed and designed by Nikki and Kori, in order to provide people with a caring and supportive environment.  

The services offered come from a place of positivity, encouragement and authenticity.

Our vision is to approach wellness with openness of heart and mind, promoting health in all aspects of one’s life journey.

We value the uniqueness of every life and endeavour to deliver each person with a service suited to their personal needs.

Kori is passionate about transformational development. He is a certified abundance and breakthrough life coach and marriage celebrant. 

Seeing dramatic change and growth in a person’s life, is what excites Kori most about being a certified life coach.


Anyone can benefit from the support of a life coach.   Whether it be dealing with anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, or simply wanting to go the next level in an area in your life, Kori's guarantee is that he will assist in the acceleration of the desired outcomes you want to experience in your life.


There are many different ways in how a life coaching session can be done.  Face to face, telephone and Skype sessions are available for individuals and groups.


Nikki is a Registered Social Worker and Reiki Master/Teacher.  She is experienced in supporting people through many life struggles, offering support both practically and emotionally.

Both Nikki and Kori are trained Mindfulness Facilitators.

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Kori Reardon
Kori Reardon
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