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Massage with a difference

Relax, Recover, Re-energize

Massage Details:

  • The massage is a relaxing massage but can also target deeper tissues for people with sports injuries or muscle strains.
  • The massager can be used with variable speeds and variable impact.
  • You will stay clothed during the massage.

Why the massager is effective:

  • The massager is designed and patented, the first deep muscle percussion massager, in 1974. 
  • It was designed specifically to release muscle tension on a patient prior to a chiropractic adjustment.
  • Its steady, comfortable, pulsed acupressure delivers a thorough and effective massage.
  • Its action penetrates deeply into all muscle layers. You will feel the massager throughout your body, and not just the skin surface.
  • It can purely be a relaxing experience or help with muscle restoration and reach deeper tissues.
  • The anatomically designed spheres work both horizontally as well as vertically. The spheres pivot up and down a full ¼ inch.

I look forward to helping you relax, recover and/or re-energize during the massage sessions.


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Member Reviews

Had an awesome intro to Kana's work today - some time ago I knocked hard into a door handle on the front fleshy part of my elbow - pulled out the energy and popped some arnica on it and forgot about it - 2 weeks later noted it was slightly swollen so started to apply regular arnica - 2 nights later swelling had gone but I noted a hard lump - massaged it before bed that night, next morning noted it had "birthed" a little lump and was also significantly smaller. was glad this was the day to see Kana and what could transpire - after session considerably smaller and now 5 hrs later is virtually gone!!!!