The White Smile Company - Terri Logan

Hi I’m Terri the founder of The White Smile Company.


I am not only the founder of the company but also the teeth whitening specialist, I have been carrying out Teeth Whitening treatments for over 10 years, 8 in the UK and 4 here in New Zealand.


I have extensive knowledge, training and experience as I have personally carried out over 10,000 teeth whitening treatments over the course of my career and have specialised in teeth whitening and only teeth whitening in this time.

As you can imagine there is nothing I don’t know about whitening peoples teeth.


I have tried and tested most teeth whitening systems and products on the market and am satisfied that I have eliminated the poor and average systems and products to deliver the best possible whitening treatment there is.


Give me a call to discus show a 1 hour treatment will whiten your teeth by 6-8 shades

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