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The YMCAs across New Zealand work together on a number of shared projects and aim to build strong people, strong families and strong communities by being locally responsive and engaged but also nationally co-operative and supportive.

The Christchurch YMCA is one of the largest YMCAs and like all Ys we have our own particular set of focuses, our core purpose is to Invest in the Next Generation.

By this we mean that we are always thinking of how we can develop young people today, so that they will be great members of society tomorrow.

We do this

  • through a range of programmes, but also by empowering others in our community to be involved with our cause – because ultimately the future is all about making sure we raise our children and young people in the best way we can.
  • by providing services which create a financial return, and by investing our money in programmes and assets which will make a difference to people over the long term. Not just for our participants today, but also their children, and their grandchildren.
  • by offering opportunities to other community groups to leverage off our asset base, for them to do more good work.
  • by providing pathways for businesses and philanthropic organisations to be involved in our cause, through supporting what we do with donations, sponsorships or grants.

One key charitable cause of ours is providing education programmes for our city’s most disadvantaged young people. Another is how we advocate on the behalf of others who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Come on in, get involved, make a difference. Everyone is welcome.

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Luke Weber
Luke Weber
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