Your Business Angel - Jo Falconer

As an energetic and entrepreneurial individual, I have the drive to whip your business into shape to make it thrive. With an extensive background in public speaking and leadership roles, I will be able to motivate you to succeed.

My strengths include performance planning, helping you forge close relationships with your customers, management development and introducing clients to new technologies.

At Your Business Angel …

Our Goal is to work with business owners to help them gain clarity, focus and achieve life-changing results. Whether you are a new business, have a burning ambition or an established business looking to expand - we will keep you on track.

We offer a bespoke coaching service that takes you beyond the technical and teaches you techniques to achieve both personal value and financial growth.

Thought custom digital marketing was out of reach for your business? Big business marketing, tools, and technology are now available to you at affordable prices. Our digital team consists of over 35 digital programmers and professional software developers, all experienced in world-class app creation and digital marketing solutions.

Working with our experienced digital team, we can produce tailor-made quality mobile apps packed with seamless functionality to deliver a first-rate customer experience. Take advantage of our digital funnel marketing to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Experience tells us the best results stem from strong relationships and a sound understanding of the desired outcome. Your Business Angel is structured philosophically in the same manner; working on a relationship basis as opposed to a pure cost/profit short-term client basis.

What is most important to you, is the most important to us!

Your Business Angel - Helping you find the gold beneath your feet!

Business - Mentor / Coach / Consultant