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What We Do

Arrive 10-20 minutes before the official start of the meeting and order your coffee &/or breakfast, then join us for a social catch up.

  • Our meetings start with General Business - Shout outs, business connections, opportunities & members news for the week.
  • Main speaker ( 20 minutes)
  • Break out into small groups - each person in the group gets to talk about their business, discuss challenges & ask for input on their business, etc for 4-5 minutes.
  • Closing and announcements for next weeks meeting.
  • We are all busy, so this timing is prompt - however, many people set up meetings after the main meeting.
  • Use of "The Networkers" interactive "Online Community" to communicate 24/7 throughout the week.
Why Attend?
  • Build your relationships, opportunities and synergies.
  • Form collaborations with other businesses.
  • Find local suppliers you can talk with face-to-face with and can rely on.
  • Feel included in a supportive, interactive community who understand the business journey and its challenges.
  • Develop your speaker presentation skills.
Who can attend?
  • We have one person per industry. This means you won't have any direct competitors in your group, but we have related businesses which allows you to build synergies and collaborate on projects together.  
  • Anyone who is in business, working for a business or thinking about going into business - request your invitation by filling out the form on the right
  • Administration will call you to discuss and suggest which group would suit you best based on your location, time preferences and the current members of that group. Your business needs, as well as the groups' needs are taken into account. 
  • Each group naturally forms its own unique culture due to the people within it and the Facilitator.
How much does it cost?
  • Your first month of meetings (defined as the four consecutive meetings that include your first visit) are free.  This allows you to check out the group, or a few groups, to be sure you have found the best group for you and your business.  
  • After the first month, our yearly membership is $600 pa + GST. We suggest a monthly option of $50 + GST ongoing (invoiced in advance). 
  • 3, 6 and 12 month payments options are also available depending on your preference. 
  • We prefer an automatic payment to be set up where possible.  
Would you like to visit?

Contact us so we can call you to find out which community will work best for you.

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