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At our weekly meetings we shared our experiences of Members services which we have used.

Here we take the opportunity to post our experiences through reviews for other members so everyone can know how great they were to work with!

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  • Ron spoke at my networking group a few weeks ago and I was immediately impressed by his passion for what he does. At the time I was planning my trip to Europe and decided to ask Ron to help me and I am so glad I did! There were some obstacles to overcome and Ron navigated those like a pro. With Ron's help, I was able to get a really good deal and I am very grateful for his expertise. I highly recommend using Ron to help you plan your next trip and be ready for an amazing customer experience!

  • Extremely friendly service and I was able to use a free loan car, so my working day was not interrupted! Great communication and the gift of a fudge bar when I left made me smile, nice touch 😊

  • Having bought an older home, it needed a little bit of modernising... I engaged Maxine to advise on curtains and tracking, sharing my ideas with her to see if they were viable options - I supplied the voile and Maxine made it happen. She is really lovely to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend Maxineas she listens to what the client wants and goes out of her way to make sure you're happy. I would not hesitate to use her services again :)

  • I had a fabulous 1.5 hour relaxing massage with Wendy! She was very knowledgeable and added a lot of extra value by giving me some helpful tips and tricks :) I left completely relaxed and revived and I will certainly be back!

  • Had an awesome intro to Kana's work today - some time ago I knocked hard into a door handle on the front fleshy part of my elbow - pulled out the energy and popped some arnica on it and forgot about it - 2 weeks later noted it was slightly swollen so started to apply regular arnica - 2 nights later swelling had gone but I noted a hard lump - massaged it before bed that night, next morning noted it had "birthed" a little lump and was also significantly smaller. was glad this was the day to see Kana and what could transpire - after session considerably smaller and now 5 hrs later is virtually gone!!!!

    I couldn't recommend Mandy more, she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to reflexology! I am currently in pain with an injury and have not been as sore since my appointment. I will certainly be back! Thanks Mandy.

  • Excellent, skillful, meticulous and responsive! Words that describe Leeanne Wickham of Red Pencil to a tee and exactly what we want in a proofreader and copy editor. Her attention to detail and rapid turnaround ensures that the marketing content we generate for our clients is always accurate and grammatically correct.

    Leeanne has proofread and edited a wide range of copy for us including proposals, marketing plans, brand stories, social media plans, blogs and website content. Her proofreading and copy editing service is an absolute ‘must-have’ for our agency and one that I highly recommend.

  • Leanne transformed my business documentations into very professional ones. As English is not my first language, I am always reluctant with my writing. She is very friendly, helpful and very quick to respond to my request. Her professional skill will be worth adding your documents. I can't recommend enough with my words! Thank you, Leanne.

  • Very professional and always available to help, recommended a client to get in touch with James. It was quite a complicated process with their situation but James and his team helped them through the process and got them over the line. Would recommend him to anyone who seek legal advise in property-related matters.

  • Receive aroma-touch from Wendy. What an amazing experience, very relaxing and could fall asleep!! while she diligently work on your body. Supported with her essential oil product with lasting result😇. If you have trouble sleeping, or a stressful week, ending it with professional service from Wendy would be a great start of your relaxing weekend 🥰😪😴 Definitely a thump-up recommendation! Thank you Wendy.

  • Murray gave a a very informative presentation as Guest Speaker at Papanui recently.As a result, I asked Murray if he could have a look at my website with recommendations for improvement. He came back to me in a couple of days with two comprehensive documents. The first one was an in-depth review of both the website and the social media accounts. The second document was the action plan broken down into 3 areas 1.Mandatory = Must Do 2.Important = Should do but can be done later and 3.Desirable = Can do but doesn’t have too. Against each category he also gave an indication of cost. I found this transparency refreshing and gives me confidence in Murray's knowledge and understanding of web and social media.

  • I needed a flyer for a mail box drop. Mel turned my chicken scratchings into a great little production. She is efficient, good at her skill and great to work with.

  • Dan helped me create my Logo and get my overall ‘theme’ sorted.
    He is SO easy to work with and his ideas and finished products have been great.
    Thanks Dan.

  • On Tuesday we woke to find the bottom of the hot cylinder cupboard full of water. We rang Brendan and he was on the doorstep in a couple of hours. Our 20 year old hot water cylinder had succumbed to the dreaded chlorine effect. He gave us a very detailed and itemised quote including organising a builder to dismantle the shelving to get access to the cylinder.

    On Thursday, the builder turned up and took down the shelving followed by Brendan and his offsider Kane, with a bright and shiny stainless steel hot water cylinder (which is made here in Christchurch). The old cylinder was taken out and the new one installed followed by the builder reinstalling the shelving.

    Brendan managed the whole process from go to whoa; the uninstall and reinstall of the shelving, ditto for the cylinder and also the electrical sign off. To sum up, Brendan gives you confidence in a stressful situation, he manages everything in a very timely manner and with no surprises. Highly recommended! :)

  • Many thanks to Sharon for running the Strength Finder with my General Manager. As the only paid employee of a sport organisation he was struggling with the volume of work and demands on his time. After several conversations and meetings with Sharon he is a completely different manager. The new ideas, the strategic thinking and a 'can do' attitude is just gold. Thanks Sharon you have made my job so much easier.

  • I have a desk job and was starting to notice aches and pains in my lower back and shoulders. After a very informative conversation with Mary, I decided to start one of her classes. As my body became stronger, the aches and pains disappeared. I love the personal attention Mary gives to each student in her class and pilates also played a big part in lifting my mood. Thanks Mary!

  • Asked Shane to help with some of the maintenance jobs at our two clinics.
    He responded promptly and went an extra mile basically sorting out all of our outstanding maintenance needs.
    Great services and very easy to work with.
    Highly recommend his service :)

  • A HUGE thank you to Michelle Lindsay from Stephanie Murray Mortgages. Because of Michelle's knowledge and expertise, we went from renters to becoming home owners in less than a month. We're so grateful for her help and would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you so much.

  • Jaime is my Social Media guru. Thank You for all your ongoing help in making it so easy and simple for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jaime and her business Dinky Media :)

  • Invited Bernadette to my Nursing work place environment to educate and instruct a group of us on Hula hooping. We all had a fabulous time learning how this is such a great way to exercise at any age. Bernadette made it so much fun for us all, and we came away highly recommending this to everyone. You just have to give it a go and know its a guaranteed fun opportunity while at the same time improving your fitness.
    Thanks again Bernadette :-)

  • Alva has been helping me with my clients printing requirements. Due to some technical issues my clients quality red backed business cards could not be colour matched without incurring a high cost. Alva guided me through the options and provided a solution. And the cards look great. We now are about to embark on some promotional post cards for the same client. I highly recommend Alva's services as I can trust her to come up with the goods or a great solution. She has gone out of her way for my client.

  • Thank you Jamie for helping my Car Dealer client post his website provider allowing his domain name to expire and crashing his website. Jamie and I met with the client. Jamie listened to the needs of the client and in addition to suggesting a website that would work for my client she used her TradeMe experience to add a link to TradeMe so my client now does not have to enter his cars twice. In addition my client has another business with an online shopping function. Jamie had no hesitation referring my client to another provider more experienced in online shopping websites. Looking forward to the next phase - a Facebook campaign.

  • I needed to set up a family trust in a bit of a hurry and Roger explained everything clearly, helped me through the confusing process, solved the problems that came up and got it all sorted on a tight deadline and through the Christmas period. He took a lot of the stress away and made it pretty easy. Highly recommend.

  • Yvette organised a oven clean for us when we moved out of our house recently. She was easy to deal with, and the person did an exceptional job. They left it sparkling clean. So good we got them to come back and clean the oven at our new house. Thanks Yvette.

  • I recently purchased some products from Lea and they are AMAZING! Lea offered a great service, the products turned up very quickly and she even hand delivered them to me. Every time I buy something she has written out a personalised thank you card, which I think is a lovely touch. Lea is an inspiring women and id highly recommend any of her services/products to anyone. Thank you Lea.

  • I have had one session with Paula which I have found to be brilliant so far, it has cracked through some blocks I have buried deep down for years and I feel I am more confident moving forward to gain more control in my life.

    Thank you Paula, looking forward to the next session

  • I needed a name for my business and didn't want to use my name. I needed the name to resonate with me and not be about the things I do. Phyllis helped me work through a process that identify who I am what the business about capturing the essence beyond the functional. The insights will help greatly with staying authentic and promoting a brand with values, and to attract the fun clients that will enjoy the process as well as the results. Thanks Phyllis.

  • I worked with Daniel to assess and adjust my insurance cover. He was professional, knowledgeable, and not pushy. It’s great to know if anything ever happens, I have someone on my team that knows the system, knows the fine print, and can take care of that whole side of things.

  • When my hard-drive decided not to pack it in I was in a completed tizz! Thomas managed to extract all the data and rehouse it all like a pro. Since that day all my computer needs go to Reality Control. I always know that I'll be treated fairly and the cost will be reasonable. Wouldn't consider going anyplace else and that's what I tell all my friends

  • As a first home buyer I was so impressed by how quickly Jeremy got back to me with a time for the builders report and then how quickly I got the report back once he'd done the inspection. The report was so easy to understand, thorough and made me feel very confident in his work and to move forward with my purchase.

  • Kurt helped me through every step of the buying process of my first home. As a mortgage professional, he provided exceptional service in answering all of my questions and making sure I felt comfortable with the decisions I made. He helped us in determining what I could afford and whether a fixed or variable rate was most suitable for me. Working with Kurt greatly reduced the stress that comes along with buying my first home and I was more than satisfied with the service provided.

  • I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and energy from Dianne in my recent house purchase. The moment she learned I was looking she made it her mission to ensure that I was able to find a home that I would be happy with for many years to come. As my buyers agent, she took the time to get to know me and learn about what was and wasn't important to me - she honestly took all the search stress away! From a buyers perspective her tenacity and effective communication made the whole process very easy, she was always friendly, responsive, and easy going while still upholding a high level of professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dianne to anyone looking to buy.

  • Daniel, Your care and eye for detail was very much appreciated. You made what could have been a very difficult process quite bearable and for this I thank you.

    I know I can rely on Daniel to guide me methodically, his approach is professional and when I was buying my first home he diligently explained every situation in detail to me and answered all of my questions. From the very start, he was upfront and realistic regarding the situation and expectations.

  • Having recently worked with Nick to sort all of my personal risk insurances, his passion for clients and knowledge of the industry comes across in abundance. Nick is a true professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.

  • Hi Christine, I just recommended you and I want to say, “Thank you!!!!” again, for all that you did for my trip to Hawaii (and after hours too!). I plan to continue to utilise you in the future and are most appreciative of the great job you do!

  • Malcolm is the consummate professional. He meets with you at your home to learn what needs to be done and to see, first hand, the problems to be solved. He tells you very directly if he can help and gives you an estimate of the cost for him to work on your “fix-it list.”
    He comes on the date he says he will, and works quickly but carefully. If there is a risk of something not turning out perfectly, he is very clear about the situation and involves you in all decision-making about available options.

  • Lynda has been a God send as I have built my start-up company. She is a great bookkeeper: diligent and detail oriented, down to the penny. A total “people person", I know that I can call on her whenever I have a question and she will help me out. If you're that way inclined, she will also take the time to show you what you need to be doing as opposed to just doing it for you. She's simply Ace!

  • I needed an accounting programme for my small business so I could keep an eye on cash flow so I spoke to Ellen. She was very knowledgeable about the products available and explained the pros and cons of each programme to me. We decided on a system and she installed it and has trained me up to use this. Even now when I have issues I can ring Ellen and she helps me out. She makes the finance side of business so easy. This should help when I need to visit the accountant as now everything is in one place and sorted for the end of year accounts.

  • I took advantage of the free phone session that Murray offers and I really enjoyed our conversation. It was very helpful to get Murray's perspective on my business and the issues that I am facing. With his background and wealth of knowledge, I have been able to take away some excellent goals and I am excited to get started on them!

  • I engaged with Alaina to help me get back on track with my health and wellbeing. Since receiving advice from Alaina I have made quick progress towards achieving my health, and weight goals, and found it very easy to manage. The changes to my diet did take some getting used to but the ability to manage these changes was much easier with proper nutrition. Thank you so much for helping me feel great again!

  • A big thank you to Leanne Wickham for proofreading my website! I was amazed at how much the content could be improved and how important it is to get it right. Leanne sent a very helpful overview of her recommendations, which made it easy to correct the content myself. It saved me a lot of time and I now have peace of mind that my website content looks professional. And I learned a bit of proper grammar along the way!

  • I would highly recommenced Paul and his expertise in finding funding for your mortgage needs. He was extremely efficient in finding funds for a fiend of mine within a few hours of her talking to Paul and explaining her situation.
    She is delighted with his service and prompt action that was needed in her situation.

  • It's great when a friend asks you if you can recommend someone to help with their computer problems ... and you can! Then your friend calls you back after a few days and absolutely raves about the wonderful guy you recommended.
    from The IT Dept

    That's what happens when I recommend Dave Robinson to my friends and colleagues. They all comment on his timeliness, understanding and perhaps more importantly, he speaks plain English! I'm not kidding... :)

    Dave looks after my 6 year old Toshiba Tecra laptop which is a real peace-of-mind. If you want an IT expert for your business or home, I'd highly recommend that you pick up the phone and give Dave a call!

  • My business is very small and all expenditure needs to be thought through carefully. Mike and his team were so helpful and patient. The quality of service was great and even though it was a little job is was done really quickly. If you have any sort of printing to do I would recommend you speak to Mike...Copyland do a lot more than you think.

  • I saw Lorraine for a Galvanic spa facial treatment and it was not only relaxing but it made my skin feel amazing. Lorraine really knows her stuff and has lots of tips and useful advice for keeping skin in top condition and reducing signs of ageing. I totally recommend seeing Lorraine and having a treatment or a chat about what your skin needs

  • Mike worked with his creative team to produce an amazing photo board for my daughters 9th birthday party.
    It was inexpensive, high quality and a magical huge hit with the kids and adults.
    Thanks Mike.

  • Thanks a million Paul. So gracious and effective in his communication. He managed to negotiate a fantastic new interest rate for our mortgage.
    Clear, concise, and supportive PLUS this was SO EASY. I love that I can have a broker do all the work for me and get me a better deal with a lot less hassle than trying to navigate this myself.

  • Last week Patria and I attended a workshop at Quinovic organised by Rachelle (it was standing room only!). Surprisingly, it was not a 'sales pitch' but a very informative update on what landlords need to know.

    Rachelle started off with a cautionary tale of what can go wrong and ignorance is not an excuse! She was followed by a representative from ACC bringing us up to speed on changes followed by a tax expert from IRD who fielded many questions from the audience. Finally there was a representative from an insulation company talking about pitfalls and the new government warm homes requirements. We then had a chance to network over drinks and nibbles.

    If you are a landlord or thinking about buying a rental property I'd recommend that you give Rachelle a call and see when the next workshop is scheduled!

  • I've got a 6 year old Toshiba Tecra which I now use as a desktop. It's given great service and the only upgrade has been to a solid state hard drive. I keep an eye on what's happening with a free version of Speccy ( which gives you a realtime view of how your machine is performing.

    I became concerned when I noticed that the CPU was constantly running at a hot 85+c. On checking Task Manager (which comes with Windows 10) the CPU was also running at 95-98% capacity. Neither of these stats are a good look so a quick call to Dave confirmed my concerns. So last Friday I packed up the Tecra and into Dave's Batmobile (1992 Corvette) it went.

    I thought that I was the only one who had a magic wand, but no, Dave's got one too and on Monday the Batmobile was back and the Tecra was good to go! The CPU heat is now in the 30 -40c range and working at 20-30% of capacity. The machine is also a lot quieter.

    My recommendation is, that if your computer is getting hot and making funny noises then it's time to call Dave; sooner rather than later. Dave is very knowledgeable and better still, he explains in plain English what the issues are. And of course, driving a Corvette, his service is very fast! Highly recommended! :)

  • I have been working with Expand Consulting for almost a year now and would highly recommend working alongside Sridhar to anyone who wants to see improvements in their life, whether it be business or personal.

    I have gained a far greater understanding of myself and my business and look forward to applying many of the techniques I have learned.

  • If you have any pain or niggles going on I highly recommend Anna Dungey Physiotherapists , based at LesMills.
    She was able to diagnose my problem quickly, bringing much needed relief. She has a very professional, caring manner , displaying a deep knowledge of Physiotherapy.
    Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see Anna.

  • I was fortunate enough to meet Paula in a very tumultuous time in my life. I had just changed every aspect of my life, including moving to Christchurch from Auckland and starting a new business. I decided to join Paula's Mastermind Circle and it quickly became clear in the safe environment created by Paula, that I was quite stuck in my thinking and totally out of touch with what was truly in my heart. Paula was able to help me clarify what limiting beliefs were holding me back from living the life I want and deserve. She then gave me very practical tools to actually change these beliefs, which left me feeling hugely empowered. My sessions with Paula have been life changing and with her expert and intuitive help, I am now well on the way to fulfilling my potential. I can't thank Paula enough for her expert knowledge and genuine passion for what she does. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for everything Paula, I couldn't have done it without you!

  • Matt has worked with David and I over a number of months. He has fitted around our ridiculous time frames and has taken the time to understand our business and what we want in life. He has then taken time to give us options, listening to us and eventually coming up with a product that we are very happy with. Thanks Matt for the care you have taken your attitude towards us getting things right for us.

  • I've been a member of one of Paula's 4 - 6 member Mentoring Groups for over a year. She has supported me, Coached me, encouraged me and enabled me to not only Build my Primary Business but to renew and expand another Business. Paula has a knack to not only hear what you are saying... but also what you are not saying. She also introduced me to The Networkers, for which I am also grateful. Thanks Paula

  • I had never thought of employing a book-keeper before. However, will be using Vicki in the future to simplify my accounts. Thank you Vicki, looking forward to the next year's accounts.

  • Thank you Zansie for the Powerslips Lipstick. I put in on this morning and it's still there. I actually put a very, very small touch of clear gloss over the top which gives it a small shine. Normally I leave lipstick on all my coffee cups - well not longer! Thanks so much Zansie.

  • I completed a Strength Finder course recently with Sharon. From this I discovered my 5 most prominent strengths and with this knowledge and with guidance from Sharon, now have the knowledge to build on those strengths to help me in my business. Thank you Sharon - this very reasonably priced course is a must for anyone wishing to nail and build on their strengths.

  • I completed the 'Personal Brand' leadership course with Sharon and found it to be invaluable in both my business and personal life. She helped me to concentrate on my delivery, including communication, voice modulation and consistency to name just a few. This course was comprehensive and educational and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking up a leadership role, or wishes to improve their leadership skills. Sharon's expert knowledge was conveyed in a professional yet friendly manner and I cannot recommend her more highly.

  • I have been in Dave's Networkers group for around a year. Recently I was having some significant issues with a slow computer. I gave Dave a try and am really happy I did. He blew me away with his quick and very friendly service. He arranged to pick the computer up, fix it when I didn't need my computer, and return it to me when I did. In a nutshell I can say that getting my commuter fixed was a really easy and pleasant experience from start to finish. I have really enjoyed the much faster computer, and I would highly recommend Dave for any issues relating to computers and computer repair. It is the friendliest, easiest and most pleasant experience I have had with having a computer fixed.

  • A session with Phyllis identified road blocks, cleared them and set forth a path towards my Goals.

    Highly recommended for assistance in all of life's challenges.

  • I engaged Phil to doing some investigative work following months of ridiculously high power bills. I was extremely impressed with Phil's diligence and workmanship. He went above and beyond by even helping me deal with the power company. He tidied all areas after him and was respectful of the fact that he was working in my home and not a construction site. It has now been just over a month since Phil was here and I can report that he has reduced my power-bills by two thirds with just some simple changes (I've already save more than double his fee, in just one month!!) I would highly recommend Phil for any electrical work to other customers.

  • Thanks Keith and the team for my recent service and the extra brake check. Friendly, professional and peace of mind that my brakes are working well.

  • Angela played fairy godmother with our oven - her magic cleaning wand turned it sparkling clean - just like new !

  • I have had a one off session with Murray Carter of FuturePath. I noticed the sessions affects the following day and I have noticed a considerable change in my behaviour over time. Murray was very professional and I highly recommend this experience.

  • Sharon's Leadership course has taken me through a journey to challenge, explore and condense all aspects of leadership in a practical manner. This has allowed me to move my business to the next level - highly recommended :- )

  • Phil is on time, tidy, knowledgeable and professional. Job well done and well priced. Highly recommend

  • Angela and her wonderful team did a clean for one of my clients on my recommendation. My clients were blown away by the amazing job they did and they were very impressed with the bucked of tools to get into all those nooks and crannies. No surface was left untouched. If you want your home to sparkle give them a call.

  • A HUGE thanks to Murray for the session I had with him. I have come away from this session with a new focus on life and a level of calm & stillness in my mind that I haven't had for quite sometime. Murray is a true professional and he really cares about his clients. If you have some obstacles in your life that you are struggling to overcome, I would recommend without hesitation that you make an appointment with Murray.

  • I know Sridhar through The Networkers' business network. Last evening I attended his 4 hour 'Financial Freedom - What it really is and how to attain it' workshop. I know people who attended his first staging of this program and they raved about it so when I heard that he was running another one, I jumped at the opportunity!

    It was non-stop information for 4 hours with only a 5 minute break. The group of 10 allowed for both the sharing of experiences and also having questions answered. It was very much a 'how to' program with step by step instructions on how to implement the changes in your finances both personal and business.

    Finally a word of caution. If you are seeking to earn a million dollars in a week with no work on your part then this program is definitely not for you! On the other hand, if you want new ways of optimising and growing your current income then I'd highly recommend that you make a time to have a coffee with Sridhar. Highly recommended!

  • When a client had only one week's notice regarding an opportunity to present at the Canterbury Tech Summit, he needed us to create his booth signage - quickly!  

    Alva recommended the material & printing methods that would work best to display his high quality, high tech manufacturing brand, and the result was fantastic. His was easily the highest quality display in the shared expo booth!

  • Keith and his team are a friendly bunch who go out of their way to help you get your car back on the road safe and sound. They offer a loaner car which is great so you can keep on running your business. Nothing is ever a problem - My whole family wouldn't take our cars anywhere else.

  • I just love the service offered by Alva at Printable, she came to my office with all the samples of pens for me to choose from and within a week In had the printed pens in my hot little hands. Talk about making life easy for you. Thanks Alva you are amazing.

  • A huge thanks to Joanna Giles for fun and informative make up classes which my daughter & I did together. It was a lovely mother daughter bonding time and we both learned so much and now we have the confidence to step out in the world with a fresh new face on. Well worth doing!

  • Great work ethic, very skilled and affordable... Why wouldn't you use this guy?

  • No one wants to think of needing insurance but, of course, it is one of those necessary things in life we must have. Bronwyn helped me to obtain my professional cover incredibly easily and quickly - what a relief! The best thing was that I knew that if I had any questions in the future Bronwyn could be easily reached and she could talk me through it. She is warm, approachable, knowledgeable and makes insurance very easy to understand. I am very happy that I found The Insurance Ladies - thank you Bronwyn!

  • Dayle is unique! He is an expert in the art of teaching people how to be resilient and be the best version of themselves. Dayle is empathetic and encourages people to feel and express whatever they need to in a way which will leave them empowered. This is especially effective with the work that he is invited to do in schools . He is funny, witty, and brings a wisdom all of his own. On top of this I must recommend his skills as a certified Healing Touch Practitioner which has helped tremendously when I have needed it. Two thumbs up is not adequate, thank you Dayle!

  • Maria's enthusiasm is infectious! Her determination to provide people in all stages of business a platform to learn and grow is second only to her dream of building a strong business family. Without Maria my business would be alone without any of the excellent support of the people around me. Thank you so much Maria. I have learned and continue to learn so much.

  • Murray provides a wonderful service with his hypnotherapy and does so in a warm and effective way. He knows how to provide a safe platform encouraging the user to talk deeply about their issues so that changes can follow. Murray is professional, kind and very experienced. I fully recommend Murray to anyone wanting to grow either professionally or personally.

  • Dana obtains a clear understanding of what your business is about and requires, then gives you a website to match your needs.

  • Keith's staff have a professional, common sense approach to keeping us safe and our cars well serviced

  • Leanne offers a professional, quick and affordable service which gave me peace of mind about our website wording.

  • Thanks Daniel for your help; your knowledge and experience gives me great confidence with what your offering, I appreciate the service.

  • Roger's calm, analytical manner brought clarity and reassurance to a deeply stressful situation in minutes - will always be grateful for your help Roger

  • Deirdre has helped myself and my teenage son, Deirdre completed a Hemaview - Live Blood analysis for both of us. The results were amazing and answered so many questions. Deirdre has helped me regain control of hormones, tiredness, fatigue and so much more. If you want to know what is happening within you, I highly recommend Deirdre's services.

  • If you are wanting a stress free experience (and why wouldn't you?) building a website from scratch or upgrading your existing website then Dana and her team will help you out. She made it very easy and nothing was a problem. I highly recommend hiring BlueFushion for all your website requirements.

  • My wife manages a property for some friends who are overseas for an extended period. The windows are double glazed and our friends wanted them cleaned inside and out including the frames twice a year. They are absolutely delighted with the job that Rouan and his crew did as is my wife. The price was also a pleasant surprise. Rouan and Cleaned are highly recommended!

  • People talk about having a break over the holiday season. Last Christmas Eve I ended up having a break ... literally! To cut a long story short, I got knocked to the ground by a large mastiff dog and fractured my tibia bone and spent New Year in hospital and ended up with a metal plate in my leg. One of my first visitors was Deirdre with a bag of herbal tonics which certainly contributed to my quick recovery. I've also had one of Deirdre's speciality HemaViews, and it is highly recommended!

  • Deirdre's Hemaview was an amazing experience. Seeing my red & white blood cells on her microscope's screen and having her teach me about my blood and what it could tell me was so exciting.

    She also found some issues that should be fairly simple to correct, but may have a large impact on my energy levels during the day. Her knowledge base in wellness is impressive.

    I highly recommend Deirdre to anyone who is interested in improving their health.