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“A hearty welcome to ABCoaching!

My name is Angelika and I love bringing out the BEST in people!

I arrived on NZ shores in November '96 with a big backpack while on my adventurous solo world travel tour.....and... never left :-)

​I am a natural enthusiast with a vocation to inspire and empower my fellow human beings, so they can get a taste for the ZEST in LIFE!

​A lot of us are stuck in limiting beliefs and carry old imprints and thinking patterns that no longer serve us when we are striving for a BETTER life.

​Helping you become a more confident and fulfilled person in business and life is the crux of my coaching work. My clients' desire is often to finally be able to STAND UP & SPEAK UP for themselves.

​Self-Expression goes hand in hand with increasing self-awareness, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. Each of us needs to value and own our feelings, our words and our actions.

​My desire is to help bring out the best version of YOU.

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