All Rounder Aileen - Aileen Cook


Aileen is a Reiki energy practitioner. Helping you to shift stagnate energy from in and around your energetic body.

Benefits of Reiki Energy Session:

  • Induces Relaxation.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Aids in healing the physical body.
  • Enhances meditation.
  • Balances 7 main Chakra Centres.
  • Increases our Aura field.
  • Helps aid spiritual growth.
  • Aids Emotional clearing.
  • Creates a reset from stagnate energy.
  • Increases intuition.

 Reiki is like a spiritual massage for the energy sitting in and around your aura field. Aileen has a three Reiki options available, from a basic session to a complete reset. Get in touch to find out more about the offerings available.

All Rounder Aileen has a small natural product range.

  • These include a Self-Care Range made to assist you in having selfcare tools effortlessly in your own home including,
    • An indulgent coffee scrub for your beautiful body, an exfoliant, skin tightener and moisturiser in one!
    • Goddess Bath Soak, a magnesium Epsom salt with dried flowers and herbs, ready to help your muscles relax while you feel like a goddess.
  • Daily products to add sustainability & natural products to your daily life.
    • Natural ingredient deodorant paste that actually works!
    • A range of reusable cotton pads, in a size and colour variety to meet your needs from toner to makeup remover pads.
  • Sustainability Company Values
    •  Using up-cycled materials and creating them into something new by giving them a new life with ARA products.
    • Recycled jars, sterilised and repurposed with All Rounder Aileen Products.
  • Products are hand made with love and intention, all for you!
  • All our products are hand-made and vegan friendly using natural everyday ingredients.

A Rustic approach to the way we do things, all our sewen bits are hand-made and created by Aileen, no two will be completely the same, although they will be able to do the same purpose.

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