Amazing Marketing Limited - Peter McKaskell

Peter McKaskell – Digital Marketing Mentor

With 40 years experience in the marketing sector and 14 years hands-on experience in digital marketing, Peter will be your guide through the digital marketing maze, advising you on the right strategy for your business.

Peter has had many successes in his career as a businessman. On returning home in 1980, after a 10 year OE, he and his wife designed, manufactured and marketed the first microwave cookware range made in New Zealand. After selling that business, he built a new business buying ends of lines from manufacturers and importers which made him an expert at finding buyers for unwanted stock. Through running these businesses, he discovered his love for marketing which led him to develop a marketing consultancy company. From helping manufacturers grow high-value ranges from their individual products to running sales training workshops for a nationwide security company, Peter honed his skills in marketing and sales.

While helping these businesses increase their sales, he saw the rise of digital technology – and being a curious chap, jumped straight into it, head-first! – designing websites for his existing clients. Peter trained to use Google Adwords and became a digital marketing convert when he observed the extraordinary results that could be achieved from a small investment. What got him really excited was the ability to track the results from every dollar spent, to give an accurate calculation of ROI.

When most would be looking forward to their retirement, Peter was looking forward to his next challenge. Having lived and breathed the struggles of an SME, trying to find and retain new customers, he knew it was time to pass his digital knowledge and experience on to others, and so Amazing Marketing was born!

Realising that he couldn’t be a specialist in everything, Peter has grown the company into separate teams who each focus on the different aspects of digital marketing. Now, Amazing Marketing has a team of Google Ads experts (all Google certified) lead by Kav, a Social Media Marketing team lead by Julia as well as a team of experienced graphic designers led by Bianca & Tania who focus on developing brands and brand strategy. Supporting them, are Kim, their videographer, along with a group of talented copywriting professionals ready to write content for any type of web page, including content creation for blogs and email marketing.