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Life doesn't always go to plan; sometimes it throws you a curve ball. 

That’s when having the right insurance already in place makes all of the difference.

By taking the time out now, to get your game plan in order, you, your family and your business will have the cover you need to get you through should an accident, illness, medical condition or worse occur.

 There are many insurance, investment, and superannuation options available in New Zealand. So much so that it’s easy to become confused about what’s best for now whilst still giving you flexibility as you move forward into the future.

That’s where we, as non-aligned financial advisors can help you get things sorted. Whether you’re single or married; have children, grandchildren or no children at all; are a business owner, farmer, or an employee; we have the expertise to provide you with specific, personalised advice on the following:

  • Life insurance helps you to provide financial security for your loved ones when you die.
  • Trauma Protection helps you to cope financially in the event of a major illness or injury, reducing stress at an already stressful time; and letting you get on with the job of recovery.
  • Income Protection gives you additional financial security by providing you with a replacement monthly income when illness or injury prevents you from working and earning an income yourself.
  • Mortgage Protection is similar to income protection but not offset by on-going income e.g ACC.
  • Health insurance gives you the security of knowing you have protection and options available should you experience health issues.
  • Let us tailor a package that covers your general insurance for assets, fire, and theft based on your individual personal and business requirements.
  • A retirement plan will ensure you have the savings in place for when you retire. Don’t leave it to chance. We’ll help you assess what you need and how to get there.
  • We can give you advice on the pros and cons of transferring your pension so you can make an informed decision.
  • ACC for self-employed persons, we’ll assess whether your premiums are working to give you the best all-round cover.

There’s no one size fits all. At Ark we firmly believe every client is unique and we treat you that way. We take the time to understand your needs based on your own set of personal and professional circumstances and to advise you appropriately from the wide range of quality insurance, investment and superannuation options available in New Zealand.

To make things easy we use a proven Six Step Advice Process that provides you with transparency and accuracy.

So give Mark a call to find out more

Mark Scown
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