Ashton Wheelans Ltd - Cassandra Clapshaw

Cassandra is part of the team at Ashton Wheelans who are business consultants and chartered accountants.

They do day-to-day accounting and tax services as well as covering the full spectrum of advisory and business services.

At Ashton Wheelans they play a role in shaping your success no matter what stage you are in business. Whether it’s the day-day numbers, the growth platform, the succession planning or a plan to acquire an opportunity – they get it.

Everything they do is to develop the potential for the future success of you, the client.

It’s a simple idea, executed through a rich lens of experience, and focus.

Cassandra Clapshaw
Cassandra Clapshaw
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83 Victoria Street
Level 2
Christchurch 8013
New Zealand

-43.525246, 172.631276