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Danté has a quite diverse background being of half Samoan/half European descent and likes to think he understands people from various walks of life.

Danté believes providing choices and options to his clients is a key part of the advice service. He states that everyone’s situation is different and tailored advice for each and every client is what he does.

Danté attended St. Andrews College before attending Canterbury University and after being a part of the earthquake events and recovery he considers himself a Canterbury man.
“People and community” are what Danté really holds high. He is an active member of the community.

He is happy to travel all over our beautiful country not only to help provide you with robust Kiwisaver, mortgage and insurance advice but also to enjoy what our naturally spectacular country has to offer.

Danté is a registered financial adviser (RFA), his FSPR number is FSP555867.
You can check that he is an RFA at

He can give you advice on risk, lending and Kiwisaver (class) products.
Please ask him for a copy of his disclosure statement if you have any queries, all of his clients receive one on initial consultations.

Dante Fyfe
Dante Fyfe
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