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Welcome to Ben Knows!

My name is Ben and I have been working in customer service and tech support for over 15 years. I’m passionate to now use my skills and experience to help customers fix their WiFi and gadget issues face to face or over the phone and make it easy to understand so I have set up a Christchurch based tech support company that strives to help its customers resolve tech issues while also showing them how to use it! 

Some of the things we can help with:

Slow Computer: Finding that the computer isn't going fast as it should be? we can come over and do a scan for viruses and other programs that can cause speed issues.

Set Up New Gadgets: If you have gone out and grabbed yourself a new gadget but can't seem to get it going, call us and we will come over and get it going and also show you how we did it.

Get Gadgets Going Again: Something was working fine until you fiddled with it? Now it seems to have stopped doing what it's meant to do? We can come over and sort it for you and try to find out what happened to you can avoid it again in the future.

Mobile Phone Advice: Time for a new mobile but unsure what to get? We can help you come to a decision that is independent of the people try to sell it to you and we will also help you hunt out the best deal.

Computer Advice: Time for a new computer at home? see a lot of options but don't understand what all the info they are advertising means? Don't rely on the salespeople striving to meet sales targets, let us talk with you so we can then recommend a Computer that is going to suit you and your needs rather than helping someone meet their sales targets. We will give you the advice you need before you head to the stores so you can avoid being pushed into a product you don't need.

Support Via Phone: A lot of the stuff above can be answered via a phone call so check out our options for phone support in the services we offer. By choosing to use ‘Ben Knows’ you will get personalized, in-home service to resolve those issues you have spent hours on the phone talking about with your internet provider. I can also set up new gadgets, TVs and other tech-related equipment.

If you have any questions then contact us 

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