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With a vision of ‘Life without limits – Kahore e Mutunga Ki te Ora’, the Blind + Low Vision NZ staff around the country aim to enable people who are blind or have low vision to be self-reliant and live the life they choose.

As New Zealand's main provider of vision rehabilitation services, we help the tens of thousands of people living with low vision or blindness adjust to and make the most of living beyond vision loss.

We believe that everyone should be able to live the life they choose. We believe in removing the barriers that people who are blind or have low vision face, and we help people do ordinary things and sometimes extraordinary things, to live the life they want.


Paul Barclay is part of the Christchurch Blind + Low Vision NZ employment team who can provide you with a top-of-the-line, dedicated recruitment service that is both professional and free. He can find you dedicated, skilled, keen new staff members.


Paul can help with an employee’s on-the-job training and with accessing government funding, if necessary. This can be for adaptive equipment, or, for example, the use of a driver if travel is part of the job.

We can also provide training for you and your staff so you can better understand blindness and low vision issues. And we can help you meet your health and safety obligations.

Lastly, we stay with you. The Blind + Low Vision NZ provides on-going support and advice.

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Paul Barclay
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96 Bristol St,
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