Bloom my Mind - Marc Jacquemin

We are passionate about training, because of its potential to transform people's minds and lives. 

We enjoy helping people to be more productive, focused, engaged and satisfied with their jobs. What we really love is helping people grow and develop in and outside the workplace.

With over 10 years of experience working with Apple in London, Marc has gained a ton of experience in designing and facilitating world class training sessions around EMEIA. 

Bloom my mind was founded by Marc Jacquemin. Having graduated from mechanical and audio engineering degrees, he never expected to establish himself as a successful international trainer passionate about personal development. 

With over 10 years experience in training and facilitation, his training career started delivering training in Europe’s busiest Apple Store. 

He then moved to become a freelance trainer focusing on soft skills and behavioural training were he established himself as a successful international trainer, designing and delivering training around EMEIA. Some of his clients include Apple, Google, Vodafone and BT. 

Marc believes that the most powerful and impactful training sessions are those who empower people to self develop and gain skills that can help in all aspects of life, including work. 

For that reason Marc is passionate about developing succinct, engaging and compelling workshops that give people actionable tools to better navigate the challenges of the modern world and workplace. 


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