Blue Mercury Leadership - Kayleigh Woodings

Professional and Personal Development for Teams, Individuals and OrganisationsScalable, adaptable solutions, delivering exactly what is needed to develop your unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills.

Our clients are our key focus and we aim to work with them along whatever journey they are on. We focus on their needs and deliver to those needs.

We believe people development is about relationships, communication and honesty and our long standing clients know we see their people development as a partnership. 

Your team is our team.

We deliver 3 key products:

CliftonStrengths Coaching - start talking about strength, and less about weakness. Individually or as part of a team, understand what innate skills and talents you (and your team) have, and how to turn these into strengths, engagement and better relationships through intentional investment. 

12 Development Pillars - short bite sized sessions learn the language and tools for a specific skill to develop, with action plans to continue growth after the session ends.

Emotional Culture Workshops - start the discussion about how your staff want to feel in the workplace, how you as leaders want to feel and how to create a culture that fosters and encourages those feelings.

Our goals are:

Individual Growth - Individual growth occurs at the pace of the individual involved. The skilled facilitators at Blue Mercury Leadership build rapport with individuals whether they are in a group programme or in a one-on-one coaching session. Time is taken to get to know each person in their workplace and in their communities.

Team Cohesiveness - We believe it is important to work closely with each company and ensure we have a good understanding of the issues from their perspective before we work with teams. We work meticulously with team members connecting personal and company goals. We also ensure we understand the environment they are functioning in both at work and home. 

Organisational Prosperity - At Blue Mercury, we understand that being successful financially is critical to business success, so development and growth of your employees and culture will have a benefit to your bottom line. Happy employees, lead to happy customers. The key to achieving customer happiness, as in customers who want to do business with you again and again, is to focus on employee happiness first.

Call Kayleigh for a discussion about what you are looking to achieve and options about bespoke solutions for you - available both locally and online.  



Business Consultant - Human Resources, Culture, Change management