Brand Advocate - Nathan Martin

How I create value for you:

Telling your story in a compelling authentic way is central to your brand. It's how people connect with your business, establish trust and ultimately decide to work with you. I help companies build and develop their brand so they speak clearly to their customers in an increasingly complex world. I pride myself on understanding the ‘problem’, empathising with customers, resulting in compelling outcomes that strategically aligns to my client’s needs.


My areas of expertise include:

- Creative Direction

- Brand and communications strategy
- Creative thinking and leadership across various disciplines and channels.

- Project management from concept to delivery across multiple creative mediums .

Linkedin Summary:
I am an Emmy Award winning Creative Director who has consistently delivered a multitude of proven successful solutions, in the digital creative space. I pride myself on understanding the ‘problem’, empathising with customers resulting in compelling outcomes that strategically aligns to my clients needs. At the heart of what I do is design content that tells stories and creates experiences that deeply connects and always encourages action - this is the essence of any brand.


This approach resonates throughout my diverse portfolio including an augmented reality experience showcasing New Zealand Industries to the world in San Francisco for NZTE. To creating an Emmy Award winning America’s Cup App (320,000 downloads) for Excellence in Television. Or producing animation/post production assets for numerous documentaries, sporting events, kids shows and commercial ventures.

As a practitioner of design thinking my work is always framed by a rock-solid process from concept to conclusion. The essential engine room stuff such as managing budgets, timeframes, establishing/strengthening relationships and resources comes naturally with the help of systems. My work history is proof of this, particularly operating Showboat (

I enjoy helping teammates succeed by creating a connected safe environment. NOTHING beats a team that flies together and delivers...especially when you feel the pinch of a deadline.

I am an avid supporter and enabler of the New Zealand Startup community, playing a significant role in building and developing Dunedin's Startup Community. I’ve built the brands and have invested in startups - Brave New Coin and Bolstur.

I’ve been privileged to have a career that has aligned my heart with my head - Filled with (and building) rich experiences, shaped by extraordinary people… my hope is to continue that journey with you and your business - to add measurable value, invigorate sustainable growth and have fun doing it!



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