The Breathing Clinic - Nicky McLeod

As a Breathing Educator Nicky assists you to get the basics right which means starting with your most vital function, your breathing.

Breathing Assessment: Gain valuable insights into your breathing and health. A full history of your breathing behaviour and breathing related symptoms is taken and this is combined with the use of capnography and oximetry to accurately assess your breathing and how it is affecting your health and wellbeing.

Breathing Retraining: Get back to basics learning breathing knowledge, awareness and skills that you will use for the rest of your life in this interactive, entertaining, preventative health education course.  Understand your health and your symptoms from a new angle by discovering the role that breathing plays in your health and learn how to optimise your most basic function so that it becomes supportive of health.

Awareness Coaching: Use guided capnography training as a powerful biofeedback tool to further develop your breathing awareness and change poor breathing habits. Awareness is critical to identifying poor breathing habits, unlearning them, and replacing them with more functional habits. Coaching involves self-observation, self-exploration and guided breathing.

Educational Workshops: An informative, interactive, educational workshop for small to medium sized groups. We explain the scientific basis for the use of breathing retraining for common breathing-related disorders and demonstrate the use of capnography in the assessment and treatment of breathing dysfunction.

Nicky believes that every town should have access to the simple and powerful knowledge that comes with a breathing retraining course and her goal is to convey this life-changing information to as many people as possible. 

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