CBM NZ (Christian Blind Mission) - Bruce Morriss

Christian Blind Mission is one of the leading international development agencies for persons with disabilities. It supports the provision of services to persons with disabilities in 525 projects in 55 countries around the world. It assists the world's poorest persons with disabilities - and those at risk of disability - regardless of their nationality, sex or religion.

cbm has successfully secured partial project funding from the New Zealand Government for development projects to restore life and hope through field partners in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Kenya and India.

Supporters investing in these projects will see a significant return, as government funding multiplies your gift between 2 and 5 times.

Funding is also required to support Advocacy programmes in New Zealand and projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi.

To donate or find out more about a specific project, please contact Bruce or go to https://cbm-nz.org.nz/

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