Common Ground - Zola Rose

Zola Rose started Common Ground as a social enterprise in 2019 to provide innovative solutions to address many facets of the housing crisis in Aotearoa; solutions that enhance the social, cultural, ecological and economic wellbeing of communities through better housing and land development.     

Common Ground serves the emerging “collective housing” sector which are housing communities that are community-led and focused, non-speculative, affordable, sustainable, with shared commons, based on the principles of regenerative development and permaculture.    Forms of collective housing include pocket neighbourhood, co-housing, cooperative housing, ecovillage, tiny home village, and papakāinga.

Common Ground offers place-based and online consulting, training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and network weaving services to novice and experienced developers, community groups, local government, and community organisations that are striving to support, enable, or develop “collective housing”. 

The Common Ground membership provides a networking forum and learning platform for those seeking to reside in, create, or professionally serve collective housing communities.  Common Ground is forming the “Housing in Service to Life” Practitioners Consortium, a growing network of professionals working together to serve the collective housing sector.

Zola is based in Aotearoa New Zealand, her 12th country of residence.