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A good insurance advisor is always professional and knowledgeable, but a great insurance advisor is also a great listener, and that sums up Pete to a tee.


He’s an all-around great guy with a relaxed friendly style that everyone just seems to warm to, and with a Bachelor of Commerce and a raft of insurance expertise gathered from 9 years with IAG and AA Insurance, Pete is well qualified to advise you on all  insurance cover matters. As an Insurance Advisor, he’s meticulous on detail, ensuring your policy is tailored to your needs, rather than you to it.

Outside of the office, Pete enjoys catching up with friends at regular weekly Quiz Nights, snorkelling in Kaikoura, and keeping fit. He’s already been to the States and Vietnam and aims to get his passport stamped as often as possible.

In business and in life, hoping for the best is something that comes quite naturally. At Cosgroves, we share a very positive outlook for a bright future, but we also know that ‘hoping for the best whilst preparing for the worst’ is the wisest form of future planning. We specialise in personal, business and farming insurance


With the support of three skilled administration staff, Cosgroves operates on the outskirts of Christchurch in a rural setting the team finds both relaxing and conducive to high productivity. It’s from here that the Cosgroves team focusses on highly professional, individualised, and well thought out cover for their clients. Cosgroves’ specialist focus is on business and farming.


Ninety percent of the client-base are business owners; fifty percent of these are farmers. As an impartial consultancy firm, Cosgroves tailors an individualised plan to best protect business owners both professionally and personally.

Cosgroves has been almost 18 years in the making. With plans for continued growth, clients will consistently receive the best possible service today, and into the future. There are many exciting years ahead, as we move forward, always with the needs of our clients at heart.

Peter Gallagher
Peter Gallagher
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