Cotswold Preschool & Nursery - Della Dunnill

Della is the senior teachers at Cotswold Preschool & Nursery.

They are a non-profit, community-based Preschool, situated in the Bishopdale area. Our centre has been operating for many years providing quality care and education for the children of our local community.

We have a license for 40 children, 8 in the Nursery with a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children and 32 in the Preschool with a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children. Ninety percent of teachers are fully qualified.

Each child has a Personal Profile Book in which their achievements and progress from their first day are recorded.

At Cotswold Preschool and Nursery we have a self-choice programme and base our planning around children’s interests. Therefore learning & development is not based around subject areas but around the dispositions for learning. These help children develop courage, curiosity, playfulness, trust, perseverance and confidence. Our curriculum encourages children to become robust and enduring thus equipping children for future learning.

Our centre is run by a parent committee which is elected each year at our AGM. All parents are welcome to join and become involved in the continued growth and development of our centre.