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Creating Homes are trusted residential property specialists providing market leading customer service in the process of finding and producing solutions to our clients.

Creating Homes pride ourselves on our industry experience and expertise, applied through specializing in repairs, maintenance and renovations for our clients residential properties.

We greatly enjoy creating “homes” which exceed residential home owners’ expectations and enjoy the process from start to finish having had many years of industry experience enabling expertise in our work. We treat our clients houses just as we would our own, with care, quality of workmanship and attention to detail infused into every project we undertake.

Our goal is to transform our clients “house” in to a “home” or to allow our clients house to become “sales ready” through adding value to our clients residential property prior to becoming “market ready”.

Contact us today for a free quote, where we can discuss your plans and how we can help you further, in order to achieve your repair, maintenance or renovation goals.

Maintenance - indoor
Maintenance - outdoor