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CU4Admin provides services where you can outsource your to-do list to me. This service frees up your time so you can spend it doing what your passion is, rather than those tedious tasks.

I can help you with a wide range of services as I have worked in many administrative roles in my 30+ years career in reception, secretarial and personal assistant roles. You probably do not know that you need me yet… but I can help!

By CU4Admin doing your admin, you can spend your valuable time doing the stuff you love to do in your business. You avoid the overheads of having an extra staff member, and I can save you money, help increase your profit and free up your time.

CU4Admin's goal is to provide a reliable, trustworthy and efficient office management system that is local, good value for money and easy to work with. CU4Admin works to complement your business.

"At CU4Admin we want to provide you with efficient and fast service while you do what you love."

Carole Unkovich
Carole Unkovich
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9 Shillingford Boulevard
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Selwyn 7615
New Zealand