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I have carried quite a bit of excess weight over my life.. LOL... too many business lunches! A few poor eating habits repeated daily over a number of years and one day I woke up over 20 kilos overweight. Stressed and unhappy in myself I was either going to be a warning or an example to my kids.

A good mate got me started on my nutrition journey with Herbalife Nutrition.. I dropped the excess weight in 3 months and now enjoy great health and well-being. I love the products I eat and enjoy supporting others in their own health journey in my spare time.

I know we can make changes in our lives and help cause positive change in our habits and beliefs and to influence those in our life and work-space to cause better personal and work outcomes.
I'm a strong proponent of positive expectation.
This has been a learned behavior over my life to date.
I keep it real and share the ups and downs that have helped me see and understand how things work. At least how I believe they work.
Sales and Sales Training, has been an excellent teacher. We each have the ability to cause more of what we want and most importantly bring what we 'believe to be true' to come to pass... be that making that next sale happen or believing we are worthy of a great relationship.
In my sharing and sessions I empower people to know and understand how to make these ideas work in our favor.
Expectation is always working for us.. or against us.
I'm still an active sales person.. that's an important part of why those that attend my sessions 'buy in to the message' they get take home skills and understanding...I'm not just paying lip service to these ideas...I'm acting on them every day.

I love working with companies and teams, big and small...When possible I like to have everyone involved in my sessions as every team member affects and influences the outcomes of the group. Lets get everyone on the same page.

Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison
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