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Tracey has always had a passion for helping people to achieve results in many areas of business and chose the ConsultX business model to assist her in being able to pass the knowledge onto others and help them grow and succeed in their business endeavours.  Because Tracey has worked in both large corporations and also run her own owner operated business’s she has a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for business owners who are striving for the next level of success.

Tracey completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Canterbury University and is a qualified Chartered Accountant as well as a member of the Institute of Directors. Her experience also extends to coaching training as she is an accredited life skills coach. Her exposure to complex manufacturing, corporate business and financial expertise has prepared Tracey for major business turnaround roles as well as enabling her to sharply focus on business operational improvement areas.

This large diversity of experience and her experience and understanding of what it is like to want to build a better future with higher security means she can clearly guide the business owner and their family.

Tracey believes… “Your Company should be the best that is possible.”

She is passionate about helping business owners realise the full profit capacity of their business; and turn their business into a valuable asset. She thrives on finding solutions to complex and challenging business issues. The success of her clients is paramount and her sole focus.

As side from work, Tracey lives in Christchurch and enjoys, snow skiing, water skiing, mountain biking and hiking in her spare time.

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Tracey Mitchell
Tracey Mitchell
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