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Display became to support all business owners, because the game has changed in how we advertise and expose our services to the world in the aim to find customers.


Avenues of yesteryear aren't working anymore, papers are getting thinner, people are using apps for music instead of radio and audiences are turning to digital medias across the board with more and more engagement and excitement required!


With the age of digital and the growth in social marketing and being able to be found online quickly and effectively is where Display comes in ..

  • creating content about your business
  • putting it on display by telling your story
  • sharing your secrets and services for people
  • using the power of photo and video
  • with a bit of knowledge on social media
  • showing how websites can be best used for when people need you!


It's not all about giving you product - I want to see it get you the best results too!



It's not about being in everyone's face,

it's about being in front of the right face!


Giving the right information, photo, video and tools to succeed in this new day and age is Displays gain for you! 

Copy Writer, Editor
Social Media & Online Marketing
Brendan Holt
Brendan Holt
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Member Reviews

I was so nervous in having a video done for my business but I needed one done in super quick time! I contacted Brendan he said, although it would be tight, he could shoot it, edit it and have it back for me within the week. What he did was amazing and it turned out absolutely beautiful! I'm so proud. He is fun to work with, professional and obviously very calming. He knows how to extract the best out of people. Thank you so much Brendan. Totally recommend.  Deirdre :)