Ellopictures - Harry Talbot

Too often I would see companies I worked for taking some iPhone snaps, posting online then ticking marketing off their to do list. Seeing a need in the market and the opportunity to turn a huge passion into a career I started this company.

I create content for brands. Photography and videography are a huge passion of mine. Creating valuable content full time for brands and business means I get to live my dream whilst helping others be successful towards theirs!

What does Ello do?

  • Specialise in outdoor COMMERCIAL content.
  • ​Showcase your BRANDS story.
  • ​PROFESSIONAL Imagery and Video.
  • ​Quality SPORTS event Photography.
  • ​Digital marketing to GROW your brand.
  • ​Able in CHALLENGING locations.
  • ​Create MEMORABLE social media ads.

My first goal for this company is that one day it will employ a group of people, a group of fun funky people. We will offer content creation, web design, graphic design and digital marketing.  

My second equally important goal is that we have an AWESOME relationship with all our clients! I want to be the business that rocks up with a fresh batch of Ello t shirts to our customers just to say. Hey we love what you do. I want to rock up with champagne! I want to make a difference in their businesses! 

I want to work with brands that align with the values we both share! 

Whatever you need, I will do my absolute best to help! 


Social Media & Online Marketing