Emergency Management Consultancy - David Houlihan

Dave is passionate about community resilience and the services that Emergency Management Consultancy has to offer.

He provides…

To both non-government and government agencies

  • advice, support, and consultancy services emergency response

For small to medium enterprises, community trusts and social economic enterprises

  • business continuity planning
  • emergency management planning
  • risk management
  • strategic Business planning resources.
  • Building evacuation planning

He is also experienced in the field of fire safety and building evacuation planning.


He asks the question … Is your organisation ready to face a crisis?

Does your business have the practices and plans in place to get through a disaster, and bounce back as quickly as possible afterwards?

Our experienced consultants are specialists at providing customised Emergency Management Programs across a wide range of industries.
Your plan will include a complete approach for dealing with disruptions, including emergency management, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

We handle the detail, the practice and the training, so that in a crisis, you and your team will know exactly what to do.  

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Business Consultant - Human Resources, Culture, Change management