Empower Yourself - Chris Cameron

Empower Yourself is an organisation dedicated to the education of our youth in important life skills such as Confidence, Respect, Self belief, Goal setting, Discipline and much more. These lessons are tailored with a comprehensive Anti-Bullying and Self Defence course that provides our Youth with the tools they need both mentally and physically to succeed in todays challenging world.

Empower Yourself is committed to life skill and self defence education through fun, rewarding programs that will inspire and unlock the potential of our Youth. Developing Respect (manaakitanga) and Confidence (Whakamanawa) through games and exercises engage and empower participants.

We want our young people to have:

  • SELF BELIEF and CONFIDENCE in themselves
  • INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE in their life
  • ‘I CAN” Attitude
  • POSITIVE Attitude to life
  • Know how to PROTECT themselves

Chris is a qualified Martial Arts instructor. He began training in karate at the age of 13 years old. Over the next 30 years Chris has continued to train and extend his passion for the martial arts and close combat training.

In 2016 Shizoku Martial Arts was opened by Chris to pass on his knowledge and training of life skills & mental wellbeing delivered through martial Arts to the next generation.

In 2020 Chris's vision is now being scaled to impact as many young people in a positive way as possible through effective life skills and self defence education.


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