Equine Inspiration - Cath Garden

New Zealand Horsewoman, Trainer & Coach, Writer & Artist.


Cath has a kind of magic; the ability to read a horse’s body language so she can ‘talk’ to horses about humans and talk to humans about horses. 


A hands-on approach that includes establishing an understanding with ‘problem’ horses and at times ‘problem riders’, then working to find solutions to improve communication and behaviour ensuring that the horse is working to his best physical abilities and is mentally in condition to respond to the riders requirements.


Cath's combination of skills in training and Bowen Therapy mean she has a unique perspective on how your horse's physical state affects his work.


By working with horses in hand and under saddle, as well as being a hands-on therapist, Cath often picks up on problems that others miss.


She can help you and your horse work through behavioural issues that are actually pain-based, become straight and balanced, and regain symmetry and even muscling.


Cath offers the following…


In Mind & Body Groundwork lessons you will learn skills to work through any issues you have. Cath will take you through exercises to keep your horse's attention and enthusiasm while you desensitize and sensitize him.
Mind & Body Groundwork can include halter work, long-reining and lunging. Cath uses a lot of transitions, lateral work and various obstacles to create a happy, forward-moving horse who is balanced, round, bending correctly and working softly. Basics that will be covered include instinctive behaviour and learned behaviour patterns, how to put the horse in the right 'frame of mind' to work with you, and how to gain respect from your horse and be the leader he wants you to be.


Round pen and liberty training is ideal for starting an untouched horse, or to improve communication with an older horse.
Through body language and awareness of both yourself and the horse learn how your horse begins to understand the requirements of his life as a domesticated animal.
The finer details really show you just how much your horse accepts what you ask of him, his confidence in his own knowledge and that he is eager to trust you with every new aspect of his schooling.


Cath (ESNZ Grade 2/Performance coach - Dressage) offers training under saddle for riders of all levels.

She concentrates on teaching correct position and balance, awareness of the rider's body and how it relates to what the horse is, or is not doing. 

Cath specialises in teaching Classical Dressage for competition or enjoyment. Basic jump training is also available, ensuring your horse arrives at the fence in a balanced frame.
Beginner lessons for new riders or those returning to riders include basic ground skills, leading, grooming and saddling - the important things that there is never time for in riding school lessons.
Find the confidence to cope with returning to riding as an older rider - the enjoyment without the pressure of having to compete. Learn to read the horse and the situation you are in, look, feel, think and have the skills to react accordingly with confidence.


Equine Bowen Therapy allows the horse to perform his best for his rider. Likewise, by addressing any muscular stiffness in the rider with the Bowen Technique, the horse will appreciate a balanced weight on his back!


Cath is available for lessons and bowen therapy treatments locally. 

Cath is happy to travel and teach clinics in your area (be it in NZ or overseas) by arrangement so give her a call to discuss


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