Erena Oliver - Erena Oliver

I help people who feel unsafe and powerless to reclaim their self-respect, self-acceptance, self-assurance and break the cycle of abuse so that they can live empowered, enriched and safe.

I work with women and men who just don’t know where they stand in their relationship.

When things are good, they feel safe, connected, and respected but when things are bad, they feel scared, unfulfilled and lonely and wonder how their marriage has ended up with continual conflict and are concerned about the impact on their children.

They want to figure out how to capture the magic of their marriage so that they can enjoy it instead of just existing in it (and we can reset the whole family dynamic) and so they can be better role models for their children.

The solutions we source together are simple, free and easy to be integrated into your daily life so give me a call for your free 15 minute discovery session


Relationship Coach
Erena Oliver
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9A Alma Street
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New Zealand