Essential Wellness - Anna Smith

I’m passionate about empowering people to support their physical & emotional wellness. Since discovering these powerful gifts from Mother Nature I haven’t looked back...
Lavender & Vetiver to relax at bedtime,
Frankincense to nourish my skin,
Ice Blue blend to soothe my achy muscles,
Balance blend for grounding when feeling anxious,
not to mention Clary Calm for hormones support!!

My adventure with essential oils started after a journey through depression and anxiety. When I was introduced to dōTERRA oils the timing was uncanny. These 100% natural oils were a great complimentary holistic choice alongside a traditional approach. Although a little skeptical at first, I was quickly amazed with the ability to shift my mood , anchor into the day or support my sleep - simply by diffusing oils or using them topically. Such a game changer! { Who would have guessed that inhaling essential oils, using one of our most powerful senses - smell, could influence our surroundings and the way we feel?! }

I’ve always been a helper { teaching degree and working on the ambulance } and I’d love to help you to grow your own & your family's health with dōTERRA essential oils. Stop and think about where you are at currently. What would you like less of? What would you like more of? Let’s work together and discover ways to support those things.

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Learn how to use essential oils and take care of your family. Natural. Healthy. Toxin-free.

You are empowered because you have choices. Improve the quality of your life... one oil at a time.

Anna Dot