EyminS AccountS Ltd & Paws Family Ltd - Sylvie Eymin

EyminS AccountS is based in Waikanae and offers a full range of Bookkeeping and Payroll Services with excellent customer focus and very competitive rates.

Trade, Private, Not-for-profit, Charity, you name it, Eymins Accounts can deliver at an affordable price, a package tailored to suit your needs nationwide across New Zealand and Australia.

Outsourcing is an effective method to reduce your overheads with the confidence that you have a professional dealing with your business needs. In addition to cost savings, it provides you with more time to focus your resources on your core business.

Sylvie is a capable, experienced person who can advise you, and give you support to help ensure your business is successful, profitable and operating to maximum efficiency.

Sylvie offers an individual and flexible service tailored to your business with the assurance that EyminS AccountS Ltd will be your "one stop shop" for all your requirements.