Fiona Dowling Pilates - Fiona Dowling

Using my knowledge and practical skills as a Physiotherapist along with my experience as an endurance athlete, I am excited to teach Pilates classes in central Christchurch.

Pilates uses a functional exercise approach to train strength, flexibility and efficient movement patterns.

Why train with Fiona?

  • Develop functional fitness
  • Gain flexibility and tone 
  • Reduce, prevent and maximise recovery from injuries
  • Build strong muscles
  • Improve core and postural strength
  • Connect, engage and be motivated by group classes

Whether you want to increase your activity levels, bring balance to your life or you are an active person looking to prevent injuries or improve sporting performance, Pilates caters for a wide range of abilities and goals and is a great supplement to any lifestyle with a focus on enhancing our body's strength and wellness. 

Give Fiona a call to find out more and book your group; online or private class.