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Welcome to "Flax - Gifts of Distinction". 

We understand that the gifting gesture is loaded with sentiment and the desire to make a lasting impression. 

With that in mind, Flax gifts are unique and personalised, utilising a wide assortment of delectable treats - many sourced locally - quality linens and homewares. 

Flax gifts are beautifully presented and are ideal for any occasion.

Simply tell us about the person and the occasion, and we will create a fabulous gift that will exceed your expectations and meet your budget. 

Flax caters to those who demand excellence because we don’t settle for anything less in our gifts. 

To order a Flax gift for any occasion, contact Di.

 Dianne Gallagher
Dianne Gallagher
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During Lockdown a good friend lost his father and since I couldn't visit, I asked Di to put together a special gift to support him. He was most grateful - thanks Di