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We provide businesses with web design and development and digital marketing.

We are specialists that consult and help businesses.

Our services are:
- Google certified for Analytics. This includes SEO for websites, adwords and analytics:
- Website design and development.
- developing innovative solutions to search engine optimisation and social media marketing using augmented, virtual and mixed realities
- providing a digital photography service. This includes special events e.g. weddings, virtual tours
- designing and producing videos for websites

As a Google Guide for Google Maps with approximately 500K photo views and a 100K review reads I would be happy to consider doing a review for your business.
I can almost guarantee your review will be read. This is because every review I have done to date has been seen online with data showing excellent numbers of both review reads and photo views.
This is a free service.

Additional Misc.
- restoring, copying and repairing degraded photos
- recapturing old VHS tapes and 8 mm as efiles or DVD's

These services are designed to improve efficiency for a business and as a consequence save time and money.

These services are suitable for any home, business and or large corporation.

If you are concerned about or want advice on any of these services then email or phone us now for a free no obligation discussion.


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Member Reviews

Murray gave a a very informative presentation as Guest Speaker at Papanui recently.As a result, I asked Murray if he could have a look at my website with recommendations for improvement. He came back to me in a couple of days with two comprehensive documents. The first one was an in-depth review of both the website and the social media accounts. The second document was the action plan broken down into 3 areas 1.Mandatory = Must Do 2.Important = Should do but can be done later and 3.Desirable = Can do but doesn’t have too. Against each category he also gave an indication of cost. I found this transparency refreshing and gives me confidence in Murray's knowledge and understanding of web and social media.