Freelancer PA - Alina Reed

Here at Freelancer PA we are all about doing things differently. With a dedicated team of virtual assistants at your service, our combined skill sets provide a complete package to support your outsourcing needs, so that you can focus on what you do best!

A dynamic team based in all corners of New Zealand, we are joined together by the work that we do and the skills we all bring to the table. We are big believers in having work-life flexibility and we believe that you deserve the same.

With the benefit of outsourcing those mounting tasks, you get your valuable time back, allowing you to focus on what you are passionate about. 

From personal assistance and administrative support to marketing, social media and event management, we cover all angles to provide a personalised service to you and your growing business. With no hidden commitment clauses, we can offer support on an as-and-when basis at an hourly rate, and step in whenever you need us to alleviate your stress.

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