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Colour has always been very important to me and it certainly has an effect on my mood and how I feel. I love to mix it up, colour and pattern, perhaps pairing up the unexpected in the clothes I wear, but also in my own home. I surround myself with my favourite colours, those that make me feel good and pattern and textures that make me smile - that is how I make my house my home and sanctuary. After all your home is your castle.

I am a very visual and tactile person with a love of fabric. Fabric colours, pattern and texture will delight and bring life and another dimension to your home. Whether this is with window treatments, a stunning upholstery fabric for that special piece of furniture or the addition of fabulous cushions.

My own style is an eclectic mix of Pacifica, English Country, Rustic and Contemporary. My style is evolving continually with new and old pieces coming together in celebration, reflecting who I am and also creating a warm and welcoming home.

It has been quite the journey, taking many paths to finally lead me to my dream, that of creating my own Interior Design business. Something learned along the way from past journeys is how important listening and truly hearing your client is. This skill is vital in our collaboration to really ensure we get it right for you, so your home reflects you and who you are.

I look forward to working with you to create your unique and individual space, to create your home, that reflects your own personality and a sanctuary you love to come home to.

I look forward to meeting with you.

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