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Hooping is a great way to keep fit and have fun while exercising.

You can do almost anything with a hula hoop: your imagination is the limit. Hooping is no longer a thing of the past.  It has made a popular come-back simply because it’s fun and provides a workout routine that gets results.

Have fun and lose weight learning to hula hoop in our classes. Join our positive and caring community of hoopers to experience the difference In2hula has to offer you.

You will receive more one-on-one attention because of our smaller class numbers.  We take the time to really listen to each person’s individual needs. This is not about blasting out a fitness class with as many attendees as possible. Our classes are gentle on the body and generally injury free!

In2hula: Hoop for Fitness is working in collaboration with the Heart Foundation of New Zealand to provide a hula hoop based physical activity programme for early learning services and centres.

We are a NZ business manufacturing & selling fitness hoops.

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Julie Winton
Julie Winton
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