Insight Coaching - Paula McFarlane

Are you feeling stuck?

Dealing with procrastination or overwhelm?

Are you coping with change at work, in your business or personal life?

Would you just like more fun, love and joy in your life?

As an Intuitive Coach I combine my 20 + years of experience in business and sales management with a heart centred approach to uncovering just what’s holding you back from what it is you really want.

Together we can shine a light on your dreams, desires and passions so that you can experience deeper connection in your work and most important relationships.

To get started lets connect for a 30min Intuitive Insight Session, its free and confidential.

Business - Mentor / Coach
Paula McFarlane
Paula McFarlane
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21 Woodhaven Place
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New Zealand

-43.4793666, 172.7039947

Member Reviews

I've been a member of one of Paula's 4 - 6 member Mentoring Groups for over a year. She has supported me, Coached me, encouraged me and enabled me to not only Build my Primary Business but to renew and expand another Business. Paula has a knack to not only hear what you are saying... but also what you are not saying. She also introduced me to The Networkers, for which I am also grateful. Thanks Paula

I have had one session with Paula which I have found to be brilliant so far, it has cracked through some blocks I have buried deep down for years and I feel I am more confident moving forward to gain more control in my life.

Thank you Paula, looking forward to the next session

I attended Paulas VIP planning session for 2020 on February 1st. It was an amazing experience and well executed. What I thought may be my focus quickly changed and in Paulas expert hands my three goals for the year were created. Mindset shifted. Focusing on what I need to bring clarity to my year ahead has made me determined and certainly keeps me on track. Highly recommend Paula and Insight Coaching

I just finished an 8 one on one sessions with Paula.
She made such a difference in my life and gave me tools to carry on. She helped me find out the deep-down reason why I was procrastinating, helped lift and understand some physical symptoms that I had for years, and she released my voice of intuition.
I'm so grateful for the journey I had with you. Thank you so much! :D

I attended Paula's Goal Setting Session at the beginning of February. This was a fun but focused session in a relaxed environment with small group. Paula helped me to fine tune my goals and then pin point those areas most important to me. Before this crazy time I had already achieved 2 of my goals. One was to make the time to visit my mother in Auckland (who is in Dementia Care) and I am so glad. I still feel positive about the year I just know we are on a different path now. Thanks Paula