Insight Coaching - Paula McFarlane

Are you feeling stuck?

Dealing with procrastination or overwhelm?

Are you coping with change at work, in your business or personal life?

Would you just like more fun, love and joy in your life?

As an Intuitive Coach I combine my 20 + years of experience in business and sales management with a heart centred approach to uncovering just what’s holding you back from what it is you really want.

Together we can shine a light on your dreams, desires and passions so that you can experience deeper connection in your work and most important relationships.

To get started lets connect for a 30min Intuitive Insight Session, its free and confidential.

Business - Mentor / Coach / Consultant
Paula McFarlane
Paula McFarlane
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21 Woodhaven Place
Christchurch 8083
New Zealand

-43.4793666, 172.7039947

Member Reviews

I have joined one of Paula's Mastermind Groups, and have started to see my business through new eyes. In fact, I have fallen in love with my business again! I feel encouraged to take steps that I have been postponing, and feel supported and excited sharing the growth and vision of my fellow participants. I highly recommend working with Paula in this format.

I've been a member of one of Paula's 4 - 6 member Mentoring Groups for over a year. She has supported me, Coached me, encouraged me and enabled me to not only Build my Primary Business but to renew and expand another Business. Paula has a knack to not only hear what you are saying... but also what you are not saying. She also introduced me to The Networkers, for which I am also grateful. Thanks Paula

I was fortunate enough to meet Paula in a very tumultuous time in my life. I had just changed every aspect of my life, including moving to Christchurch from Auckland and starting a new business. I decided to join Paula's Mastermind Circle and it quickly became clear in the safe environment created by Paula, that I was quite stuck in my thinking and totally out of touch with what was truly in my heart. Paula was able to help me clarify what limiting beliefs were holding me back from living the life I want and deserve. She then gave me very practical tools to actually change these beliefs, which left me feeling hugely empowered. My sessions with Paula have been life changing and with her expert and intuitive help, I am now well on the way to fulfilling my potential. I can't thank Paula enough for her expert knowledge and genuine passion for what she does. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for everything Paula, I couldn't have done it without you!